WATCH: National Guard in Trouble in Houston, Then “Redneck Army” Shows Up…

People both inside and outside of America seem to have a rather low opinion of rednecks. Everyone makes fun of them for some reason or another, but in truth, there is hardly anyone better to have by one’s side than one of these good people.

A YouTube video has surfaced showing a National Guard truck getting stuck in a deeply flooded street, unable to get out. That is, of course, until some rednecks showed up their monster trucks outfitted with flood tires to pull the stranded National Guard vehicle out of the water.

First posted on Twitter, the video goes on to show a Cadillac Escalade riding on monster-truck-sized tires towing a submerged military truck from the National Guard out of the deep floodwater it got stuck in.

“Redneck Army saves National Guard. #thisisAmerica #HurricaneHarvey #HoustonStrong,” read the tweet from Michael Keyes – an Army Ranger and US veteran.

As the Escalade stopped to let the water drain from the submerged Army vehicle, another truck came in to assist in the towing operation while a uniformed soldier watched the scene. They eventually succeed in pulling out the military vehicle, to much hollering and cheering from onlookers.

In fact, this isn’t the only video coming out showing these acts of kindness. One can find all sorts of acts of kindness caught on camera as the owners of these massive monster trucks go out of their way to help stranded Houstonians in need.

The record rainfall from Harvey has devastated southern areas of Texas in what many are calling the worst national disaster in the nation’s history. Having caused around 190 billion dollars’ worth of damage, Harvey has done as much damage as Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy combined – representing a 1% economic hit to the Gross National Product of the US.

If there is one good thing that has come out from this, it’s seeing just how united Americans can become when faced with such crises. In a previous story, the Cajun Navy, a volunteer group of good Samaritans with small watercraft, pledged their support to come to the aid of their Texan neighbors. Already thousands have been rescued, and many more surely will be.

From the federal, state, and local levels all the way down to the average American, the nation is seeing a level of cooperation, unity, and strength that the mass media wouldn’t have had anyone believe possible with all the racial and political strife before Harvey made landfall.

Texas Governor Greg Abbot has already mobilized all 12,000 members of the Texas National Guard to help assist in relief effects, with active-duty units remaining on standby to help, according to Business Insider.

All these efforts combined are the reason why the death count has remained so comparably low – 33 so far- compared to 1833 that Katrina caused. “We’ve never been more prepared for a storm than we have been this time,” said Governor Abbot on Fox News.

It’s hard not to feel patriotic when watching videos such as these. They are a reminder of what it truly means to be Americans.