WATCH: Judge Napolitano Nukes Russia-Collusion Narrative With 1 Powerful Sentence

When Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016, the Democrats immediately started looking for a way to ruin his reputation. Now, almost a year later, their efforts have proven to both fruitless and embarrassing.

The Senate Intelligence Committee (SIC) announced their latest public update Wednesday, and they admitted that they are still trying to find “any hint of collusion.” Judge Andrew Napolitano had the chance to speak about this event, and he managed to settle the debate once and for all. The judge stated: “If there was evidence, we would know it.” He went on to explain that if the Democrats found an inkling of evidence suggesting that the story was real, they would have divulged the information through leaks or otherwise. 

Chairman of SIC, Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) spoke at length about what they discovered, or rather didn’t discover, during the course of their investigation. He also informed the public of “roadblocks” stopping them from moving forward.

Interestingly enough, in talking about the issues they were having investigating he managed to blow a hole in the idea that the Russia collusion story is even remotely true.

One of the initial documents that sparked the outrage over Russia came from Christopher Steele, a British spy. Steele released a 35-page dossier that allegedly sealed the deal.

Instead of accepting the dossier at face value, as many liberal media outlets did, bigger questions are being raised. Burr wants to know who paid for this investigation by Steele, who his sources were, and what motivated him to create this document.

In a quest to answer these questions Burr called upon Steele to come and speak with the panel. He refused their invitations, which now means the committee “cannot decide the credibility” of the dossier.

Judge Napolitano wanted to make the point that if the dossier were true, or even remotely factual, Steele should be able to prove it. If he could show sources and explain where they came from it would go a long way towards proving the Russiagate case.

Instead, the opposite is true. Steele has managed to blow a hole in his own documents by refusing to answer any questions about them. As the judge said, if there was information to be had, the Democrats would have gotten overexcited and leaked it by now.

Since that is not the case, we have watched the Left jump from topic to topic in an attempt to throw accusations against the wall to see what sticks. It went from Russia to racism and Charlottesville, to the NFL protests, to Puerto Rico, and now, they are blaming the president for the horrific events that took place in Las Vegas.

Judge Nap said if the Democrats found an inkling of evidence suggesting that the story was real, they would have divulged the information through leaks or otherwise. Agree?

There has been a strong suspicion that there was nothing to see back when the rumors of Trump-Russia were first announced. Namely, there was a complete lack of evidence.

No one is buying their story anymore so the Left is now sitting with their fingers crossed hoping that Robert Mueller and his special investigation team discovers something, anything. Unfortunately for them, they are grasping at straws.