BREAKING: N. Korea Issues Horrifying Threat To Trump. Prepare For War.

The struggle between the United States and North Korea has been on a steady incline since the start of the summer, ever since Kim Jong-un test-launched multiple missiles over and around Japan. Now, Kim has taken it too far, and has issued the ultimate threat.

North Korea is at it again, testing their missile capabilities in the faces of our allies, all the while threatening to attack anyone who gets in their way. Kim has gone as far as to say that the United States is now in “mortal fear” because they have the military power to strike us. According to The Sun, A spokesman for North Korea said that their new tests show that they can essentially turn the American empire into a sea of flames. 

The North Korean dictator has been making threats against the United States all summer, and now, it seems that everything is coming to a head. They have threatened that there is nothing the US can do to stop them.

President Trump has proven that he is not going to sit back and let North Korea make empty threats. He assured the country that we were “locked and loaded” once the dictator-run country threatened to attack Guam.

Now, as things begin to escalate, a spokesman for North Korea has stated that, “Whatever means and methods the US may employ, they will never work on the DPRK. The US’ fate is in the hands of the DPRK.”

You have to wonder if they believe their own threats. Surely they realize that the cost of our military is slightly less than half of what it takes to run their entire country. They do not have nearly enough resources to sustain a long-term battle.

The North Korean papers are not much better, as you can imagine. They are insisting that the United States and South Korea are acting as “warmongers,” when the opposite is true.

They are threatening to attack us on almost a weekly basis, launching missiles over and over again, and threatening to turn the US into a sea of flames, yet, the US and South Korea are acting as warmongers? The logic is a little faulty, to say the least.

New footage from Korean TV shows the country launching a Hwasong-12 missile, which they claim has the range to reach the US island of Guam.

North Korea keeps ramping up threats. Do American citizens have the stomach for a war with Kim?

President Trump has said on Twitter that he hopes Kim can find a way forward that doesn’t include war to solve these issues. However, Trump made it perfectly clear that, if North Korea attacks any US territory or our allies, we will go toe-to-toe with them.

The United States has worked hard with the United Nations Security Council to put strict sanctions on North Korea in an attempt to cut their supplies off. This has only agitated them further, but it is necessary to keep them from building better and stronger weapons.

We can hope and pray for peace, but if North Korea strikes us, they are going to get the “fire and fury” that Trump initially promised them. All we can do now is watch and hope for the best possible outcome.