WATCH: N. Korea Issues Chilling Response To Trump Visit

President Donald Trump is currently touring through Asia for the first time in his presidency. His presence in the region has many wondering how he’ll address the ever controversial North Korea.

The President’s profound speech in South Korea on Wednesday offered hope for the future, despite criticism. While the address took place at the South Korean National Assembly, North Korea was listening carefully, despite their claim. According to CNNPyongyang government officials stated, “We don’t care about what that mad dog may utter because we’ve already heard enough.” 

North Korea continues their provocative nature despite the symbolic olive branch offered by the President in his speech. Regardless of the offering of peace, it came with the promise of defeat if they keep their aggressive and toxic rhetoric.

President Trump appeared calmer this speech. Some speculate it could be his proximity to the Kim regime, or due to his effort of achieving peace with the nation. Recently, President Trump called North Koreans “great people,” however, he warned that “the era of strategic patience is over.”

There have been numerous attempts by the President to establish peace between North Korea and the rest of the world. Tensions amplified over the summer when North Korea started test firing missiles thoroughout the region.

They even made the threat to attack the US territory of Guam on multiple occasions. At that time, President Trump promised retaliation if they acted aggressively upon territory belonging to the US or its allies.

Instead of acknowledging their own ability to be unreasonable, they pushed ahead and accused President Trump and the United States of raising tensions in the area. However, their missile development began long before the Trump administration. Their violation of peace agreements by conducting missile tests over Japan was a decision unrelated to Trump that certainly didn’t help with the “tension” problem.

President Trump noted that nuclear carriers and submarines are stationed strategically should North Korea feel the urge to launch an attack. However, he encouraged dictator Kim Jong-un to come to his senses.

The stipulations that the President set forth for North Korea are considered reasonable by many. Their threats are stirring up a panic on a global scale and seeing North Korea back down would be a great relief.

President Trump has made mention that he would like to see North Korea stop provoking others unnecessarily, stop the development of their ballistic missiles, and most importantly, “complete, verifiable, and total” denuclearization.

Do you think North Korea is taking it too far?

Adam Mount, a senior fellow at the Federation of American Scientists, explained a good theme in Trump’s speech. “Trump refrained from making really aggressive military threats, and that will be appreciated in Seoul. The text of his speech really illustrated the historical and moral struggle going on on the Korean Peninsula, sometimes in very evocative terms. I think the Korean people will appreciate that too,”  Mount stated.

Most people would love to see peace with North Korea. However, even the most hopeful are cautious due to the unpredictable nature of the dictator-run country.