REPORT: Muslim Imam Drops NYC Terror Bombshell, Please Listen

Americans were shocked by the sudden NYC terrorist attack Tuesday, in which eight were killed and a dozen injured by Uzbek-born Sayfullo Saipov, who drove over people riding in the bike lane. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) is under criticism for policies seen as inadequately addressing the threat of Islamic terror.

Among Mayor de Blasio’s critics is Australian reformist Imam Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi. According to The Gateway Pundit, Imam Tawhidi claims to have warned de Blasio of radical centers in New York. De Blasio allegedly refused Tawhidi’s offers to speak about the dangers online or in person. 

Imam Tawhidi took to Twitter to blast de Blasio for allegedly ignoring his concerns. The reformist Imam, known for his opposition to radical Islam, rebuked the New York mayor for failing to adequately protect the residents of his own city.

Tawhidi wrote: “About #NYC terrorist attack, I personally sent letters to Mayor De Blasio online & in person about terrorist breeding in NYC. He did nothing.” The Muslim religious leader went on to describe an offer he made to meet with the mayor.

“In 2016, I told Mayor De Blasio that I was in NYC and noticed some hot radical centres. I was willing to point out serious cases. Ignored!” The Imam then lamented that the mayor of America’s biggest city would be unwilling to listen to a person with expertise in the leading national security issue.

“Not only am I a Muslim Imam who understands the threat of Islamic Extremism, I also hold a certificate in counter-terrorism,” Tawhidi wrote. “Now what!?” He also went censured London Mayor Sadiq Khan for the perceived hypocrisy of his condolences for the people of New York.

“De Blasio griefs about London and you grief about NYC,” he stated. “How about you both swap positions since you don’t really care about your own people!?” London has been the site of a number of terror attacks under Khan’s mayorship, most recently the detonation of a bomb at Parsons Green station–an incident that injured 29 people, as reported by The Telegraph.

Tawhidi is a vocal supporter of reforming Islam and Muslim culture. His critics have panned him as a “radical right wing” figure, but the Imam claims to simply base his view on first-hand experiences regarding the danger of radical Islam.

To critics of his New York City terror attack comments, Tawhidi replied on Twitter, stating, “The Left thinks I’m a radical right wing. I’ll remind them it’s me who was born in a Muslim vs Muslim war + family fled terrorism. Not you.” In another tweet, he wrot, “Last year ISIS burnt my uncle alive and it was me who had to receive his body from Baghdad government and bury it alone, not you.”

According to his website, Imam Tawhidi is “Australia’s leading critic of ‘ISIS.'” He leads annual processions against ISIS throughout Australia and calls on Imams to speak out against terrorist organizations while condemning Imams who stay silent on the issue of Islamic terror. Tawhidi claims to receive constant death threats as a result of his unique viewpoints.

Is Bill De Blasio at fault for not heeding the warning signs?

New York’s Democrat leadership has maintained that the terror attack was a “lone wolf” incident–the term used by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, as reported by the New York Post. But evidence suggests a different story.

As Breitbart reports, a note referencing suspect Sayfullo Saipov’s allegiance to ISIS was found at the scene of the crime, and ISIS supporters have praised the attack on social media.