REPORT: Mueller’s Sick Spy Plot Discovered

The White House legal counsel continues to grapple with the demanding probe being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. President Trump’s legal team is responding to the probe by turning over as many documents as possible, airing on the side of disclosure.

According to a new report by the New York Times, top officials in the White House suspect that Special Counsel Robert Mueller III has spies operating inside the Oval Office. According to an anonymous source, many officials in the White House fear that Mueller is recording White House communications through a wire.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate potential collusion between the Russian government and Trump’s 2016 election campaign. Mueller was named after President Trump abruptly fired former FBI Director James Comey.

While Trump was not under investigation when he fired Comey, many Democrats have accused him of ousting the former Director to block the investigation into potential ties between Russia and the Trump campaign. Trump denied any connection to the Russian government and has repeatedly chastised the Mueller investigation as a witch hunt.

After being fired by Trump, Comey stole official Justice Department memos and leaked them to the press. The memos, written by Comey, describe a private meeting between Trump and Comey shortly after Trump took office.

During the meeting, Trump supposedly explained that General Michael Flynn was a good guy, and did not violate the law when he talked on the phone with Russian officials during the Trump administration’s transition to the White House. Flynn, however, failed to disclose the phone calls to Vice President Mike Pence and was ousted for not being forthcoming enough. According to Trump, Flynn was not guilty of collusion.

However, critics contend that Trump obstructed justice when he spoke on behalf of Flynn. If Trump wanted to end the investigation into Flynn, he could have issued a pardon.

Mueller expanding probe beyond Russian collusion. Is he on a witch hunt?

Jay Sekulow, a lawyer representing Trump during the investigation into Russian collusion explained that Comey “said under oath that he hoped to get a special counsel, which he did, so the special counsel then is based on evidence that was illegally leaked, and that to me raises questions about the whole spectra of what’s going on here.” Sekulow made the statement during his appearance on ABC News This Week. 

Since taking over the investigation, Mueller has expanded the scope of his probe and is now looking into an assortment of issues in addition to Russian collusion. Mueller has hired 19 prosecutors, and is now looking into transactions conducted by Trump businesses, as well as potential money laundering by former campaign advisor Paul Manafort, Bloomberg reports.

The expansion of Mueller’s probe supports Trump’s accusations of a witch hunt and confirms the suspicion that Mueller will not limit the scope of his investigation to Russian collusion. Mueller will continue to dig into Trump and his associates in the hope of finding any illegal activity that can be pinned against the outsider president.