BREAKING: Mueller’s Secret Ally Revealed

With the majority of social media and mega-tech companies being under at least some degree of control by leftist sympathizers, many top CEOs are working hand in hand with Democrats in their anti-Trump efforts.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller was given data by liberal billionaire and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to assist in the Trump-Russia investigation. The CEO had been transferring data on ads “likely” purchased by Russian entities among other things, according to The Gateway Pundit.

Facebook recently turned over all information it had regarding ads that were “likely” purchased by Russian sources to special counsel Robert Mueller. Also, the social media giant also provided the identity of the buyers as well.

An internal Facebook investigation suggests that over $100,000 was spent on ads with “divisive messages” between June 2015 and May 2017, according to the memo. Over 3,000 separate ads were, to their understanding, ran out of Russia, along with hundreds of affiliated fake accounts and pages.

The company also traced 470 affiliated fake accounts and pages that they felt were associated with the Kremlin. However, reports of the investigation did claim that most of the ads didn’t mention the US presidential election or even any particular candidate.

It’s no surprise to see Zuckerberg standing side-by-side with Mueller, as the former has been a supporter of liberal policies, such as increased immigration. Having joined George Soros in protecting DACA and the 800,000 illegal immigrants that the program shields, Zuckerberg has been a long time champion for these groups — all the while living in his private, fortified mansion — divorced from the consequences of these policies.

Of course, Facebook has already taken measures to detect fake accounts, and they’ve also deployed other tactics to stop the spread of what the mainstream establishment calls “fake news.” Knowing Zuckerberg’s political leanings, you can be sure that this will mean the continued targeting and silencing of conservative voices.

Some of these strategies are mentioned in Facebook’s blog post, including “applying machine learning to help limit spam and reduce the posts people see that link to low-quality web pages,” as well as “reducing stories from sources that consistently post clickbait headlines that withhold and exaggerate information.”

Even worse, it seems that a long-time target of Mueller’s, Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, will be coming under increased pressure thanks to Zuckerberg’s efforts.

According to the Daily Caller, former Trump aides have begun to suspect that Manafort might be indicted for financial crimes. “They are casting an extremely wide net and speaking with anyone who might have any relevant information,” said a former Trump campaign advisor. “Investigators appeared focused on finances and business relationships of the Trump family and top associates such as Paul Manafort and General Michael Flynn.”

This entire situation, which Donald Trump has called “the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history” (something a CNN producer admitted himself), is still moving ahead, full steam. Hopefully, this madness will come to an end soon. At this point, the best Mueller can do is go after some of Trump’s former employees in the hope that they will testify against the president.