JUST IN: Mueller’s Nasty Secret Revealed, He Must Be Stopped

The controversy surrounding the Trump-Russia collusion scandal has done a complete 180-degree turn. Now, it seems that the real collision took place between the Democrats, Clinton’s State Department under former President Obama, and the FBI.

The FBI, which at the time of the alleged collusion, was led by none other than Robert Mueller. Knowing what is now known, it seems odd that Robert Mueller would be assigned to the hefty role of Special Counsel. There is a severe conflict of interest considering his mostly Democrat-lined team, and the fact that he was around when Clinton was working on a deal to give Russia 20 percent of America’s strategic uranium supply, according to The Washington Post

The liberal media has been touting theories of Russian influence and collusion for the entire year. It seems odd that now, of all times, they would suddenly fall silent and stop demanding examinations of the evidence of collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia.

If they were as fair as they claim, they should want to see this investigation completed as much as anyone else. Especially considering this is not just an evidenceless witch hunt the way that it was with President Trump.

Instead, this seems like something much more sinister and based in reality. Rosatom, a company backed by the Russian government bought Uranium One, a Canadian mining firm with the license to mine American uranium deposits located in Kazakhstan.

The sale started in 2009 and was finalized in 2013, resulting in the uranium, about 20 percent of US uranium nationwide, to be transferred to Russia. Everyone who signed off on this deal was likely aware of the circumstances and knew it was happening. This was no secret.

Robert Mueller knew full well that it was occurring. He also must have known that when Clinton, then Secretary of State, and the then Attorney General Eric Holder signed off on the deal that it was coming to fruition — regardless of the poor deal and conflicts of interest.

If Mueller knew that the deal was occurring, one would think he would’ve set on the task of finding out whether there was any evidence of Russia collusion struck by this deal. Shouldn’t he have said, “Wait a minute, wasn’t there a 5-year long deal with a company based in Russia known for bribery and extortion under Obama’s administration?”

Did he simply forget that this the Uranium One deal ever happened?  No, the answer is it is not likely that this just slipped his mind.

If he never brought it up but knew it happened, then this is already a clear conflict of interest. There is a chance that he was told to “look the other way,” so to speak.

Is Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation compromised?

Oddly, he announced that the first charges for the collusion case were filed Friday. The public won’t know who is being charged or involved until Monday. While it is best to be hopeful, the odds of Mueller going after Clinton and company is slim to none.

At the same time, there is an investigation into Mueller taking place through members of the Senate Intelligence Committee. What they are able to uncover might be the missing piece to this entire investigation.