WATCH: Mueller Issues Nasty Trump Demand, This Is Horrific

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is tasked with uncovering whether or not there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia leading up to the election. Despite no evidence implicating President Trump, Mueller keeps grasping at straws.

The latest news from the Special Counsel came from Mueller himself. He is now trying to send out a broad request for documentation to the Justice Department. Specifically, the Special Counsel wants to uncover documentation about the firing of former-FBI Director James Comey, as well as the decision made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the matter.

The request for these documents came to light less than a month ago. This is significant because it marks the Special Counsel’s first request for records to the Justice Department.

Many find it odd that he is requesting documentation from the department that is overseeing his investigation. However, that did not stop Mueller from making the request.

President Donald Trump took issue with both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for their decisions in this case. Mr. Sessions faced harsh criticism for recusing himself, and Rosenstein helped in the appointment of Mueller after working to remove Comey.

Now, Mueller’s investigation has led him back to the Justice Department. His goal is to glean any communications relevant to those issues within the department, as well as communication between the Justice Department and their White House counterparts.

This action suggests that the Special Counsel believes that there is something left worth digging into, though there have been no ties directly between President Trump and Russia throughout this investigation.

Attorney General Sessions stated last month that he is willing to cooperate with any requests Mueller might have. He even offered to personally meet with Mueller if he wanted. “I want him to complete his investigation professionally,” Mr. Sessions told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

President Trump stuck to his guns and continued to express disdain for the Special Counsel. He reasons that they have no evidence to prove that there was a connection between his campaign and Russia, and questions why the effort is being made when more important things are at stake.

There is an aspect of this story that no one wants to talk about. The information targeting President Trump and Russia collusion came from a report that was funded by the DNC.

A spokesperson who works for Fusion GPS, the company responsible for this dossier — and the Trump/Russia claim — said that their sources were all anonymous sources. These sources have proved to be nonexistent. No one ever looked into this evidence before they put it on paper.

Special Counsel Mueller is seeking documentation about James Comey being fired. Will Mueller lead an unbiased investigation into Comey’s firing?

This factor lends to President Trump’s innocence and credibility, and makes it seem as if this is one big witch hunt, just as the President has argued in the past. This is particularly true if their grounds for a full-on investigation is derived from mere speculation and innuendo with no factual support.

It is hard to say what Special Counsel Mueller is going to say or do once he gets the documentation he has requested from the Justice Department. But one thing is for sure: Mueller’s credibility is compromised due to his baseless accusations and investigation.