BREAKING: Mueller Hit With Devastating Blow, This Won’t End Well

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller may be the most hated man in America where conservatives are concerned. Some powerful Republicans are starting to take notice, and are fighting back against him.

According to The Washington TimesRep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has recently called on Mueller to resign over being “compromised” by old scandals. “These deeply troubling events took place when Mr. Mueller was the Director of the FBI. As such, his impartiality is hopelessly compromised. He must step down immediately,” Gaetz said.

Rep. Gaetz is putting his words into action.

On Friday, Gaetz proffered a resolution to have Mueller fired from the Russian probe. Again, Rep. Gaetz and others noted Mueller’s “conflict of interest.”

It seems likely that Gaetz and other Republicans are trying to draw public attention to the fact that while serving as FBI Director, Mueller oversaw the Uranium One deal between the United States, Canada, and Russia.

Specifically, Mueller’s FBI uncovered the fact that Russian company Rosatom utilized illegal activities, from bribery to extortion and money laundering, in order to seal the deal on their purchase of Uranium One.

Despite bringing this information to the attention of the Obama administration, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with her deciding vote in the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, still agreed to give Rosatom control of twenty-percent of America’s uranium supply.

Mueller’s FBI then did nothing with the information that they uncovered, and similarly they raised now objections when Mrs. Clinton deported several Russian spies who had been caught up in Operation Ghost Stories.

These spies were charged with several crimes, but the Obama administration let them go back to Russia.

Many believe this was done as a good will gesture during the negotiations involving Uranium One.

Rep. Gaetz is right to point out that the FBI sat on this information for four years. Rep. Gaetz also does not go far enough in his condemnation of Mr. Mueller.

Before the Obama administration came to power, Mueller worked as the top cop for the Bush administration. During that time, Mueller testified before Congress about the validity of the evidence of WMD caches in Iraq. This helped to lead America into an unnecessary war.

Director Mueller also lied to Congress about the FBI’s illegal spying on several anti war groups, including the Thomas Merton Center of Pittsburgh.

To put it bluntly, Mr. Mueller has a history of lying and outright fraud. His judgment should be suspect.

Similarly, many right-wing outlets have noticed that Mueller’s investigative team is replete with Democrat donors, even including some who worked on behalf of the Clinton Foundation.

Lead prosecutor Andrew Weissmann also has a history of using extra legal tactics during his cases. The man whom the mainstream media has lionized as Mueller’s “pit bull” has had more than a few of his big name cases overturned.

Do you believe Robert Mueller is compromised and should resign?

Taken together, these facts prove that Mueller cannot be adequately described as an “independent” investigator. He has served Washington too long, and is likely corrupt because of it.

Mueller should do the right thing and resign or recuse himself from this case.