BREAKING: Mueller Gets Horrible “FBI” News

It’s been months since former-FBI Director Robert Mueller was tasked with the Special Counsel investigating the alleged Trump-Russia collusion that resulted in the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States.

Yet no evidence supporting the claim has turned up and it seems some members of Mueller’s team are already throwing in the towel, according to ABC News. FBI veteran Lisa Page has officially left Mueller’s team, making her the second from the FBI on his team to abandon the investigation.

Lisa Page is a trial attorney who the media says has “deep experience [in] money laundering and organized crime cases.” Wired Magazine even considered her part of the “investigatory dream team.”

Yet this seasoned FBI investigator left Mueller’s team weeks ago to return to the FBI. One source claims she had been hired by Mueller for a short assignment and would’ve returned to her old job afterward, though there is no telling what that assignment was or if it was ever completed.

The first FBI veteran to leave Mueller’s team was Peter Strzok who had significant experience working in counterintelligence cases. Unlike Page, there was no indication that Strzok was a temporary hire and there’s seemingly no explanation for why he left as well.

Like Page, Strzok was also a valuable member of the team with one source saying his experience and insight would be sorely missed. Strzok was the head of the FBI’s counterespionage section in 2016 and participated in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server. He was also said to have taken part in the FBI’s interview of Clinton during the investigation.

These two departures cast a shadow on Mueller’s ongoing investigation into Russia’s alleged attempt to collude with the Trump campaign, hack the DNC servers, and generally steal the election from the Democrats.

Complicating Mueller’s investigation is the fact that zero evidence of direct collaboration between Russia and the Trump team–or Trump’s personal aides–have been revealed. There’s also the strong possibility that the DNC hack actually may have been the result of a massive internal cybersecurity breach, according to the Daily Caller.

It’s been revealed that DNC IT aide Imran Awan was funneling “massive” amounts of data–several terabytes worth–out of the DNC controlled server. Where this data was sent or what data was funneled out is unknown and, stunningly, Democrats don’t seem particularly interested in investigating the matter.

Many of Trump’s opponents believe the reason no evidence has surfaced against Trump is because of his supposed interference of the investigations against him. One example frequently cited is Trump firing of former FBI Director James Comey, which Democrats claim was done to protect Trump. Yet the FBI currently disagrees with that assessment, stating that Trump has not been hindering investigative efforts, according to Reuters.

Another lawyer quits the FBI Trump investigation team. Are they jumping a sinking ship?

At the Intelligence & National Security Summit in Washington, DC last month, FBI Director Christopher Wray said that while he trusts Mueller’s capabilities, there’s no evidence of Trump interfering with his efforts. According to Director Wray, “I can say very confidently that I have not detected any whiff of interference with that investigation.”

Considering Mueller has produced zero evidence after several months of the investigation, two members have left his team, the DNC “hack” is appearing to be an inside cybersecurity breach, and the FBI believes Trump has not interfered with investigations into himself in any way — it’s doubtful this investigation will ever bear any fruit.

Perhaps the investigation will further bury Paul Manafort and might produce some unrelated dirt on Trump, but it’s very doubtful that any evidence of Trump and Russia colluding to steal the 2016 General Election will ever surface — especially considering it was nothing more than an accusation by Democrats bitter about losing the presidential election and not based on anything real or substantial.