REPORT: Mueller Caught Hiding Something Sinister

During the 2016 election, the rumors started swirling that the Russians somehow “hacked” the election in Donald Trump’s favor. Once this “scandal” caught on, a special counsel led by Robert Mueller was put together to reveal the truth.

There are a couple of problems with putting Mueller in this position. First, is the fact the Mueller has some definite bias towards the Democrats. According to The Gateway Pundit, there is also reason to believe that Mueller has direct evidence showing that the narrative surrounding Russia hacking the election is entirely fabricated, but won’t release it. The story is starting to unravel and Mueller will have to speak up soon enough.

The files from the DNC were pulled on 7/5/2016 around 6:45 PM Eastern time. They were pulled from a location that was also functioning under Eastern time.

This revelation means that it would be hard for someone to pull the files from overseas, especially if they were trying to “appear” to be on the East coast. The other evidence all adds up to show that the stolen data was likely taken from the DNC headquarters directly.

Reports indicate that the estimated download speed was 23 MB/s. The transfer rate suggests that this was a direct transfer to an external storage device, or at best done over a local high-speed network (LAN). The download speed is perhaps some of the most damning evidence because it cannot be faked or changed.

Considering that media outlets are reporting this information, there is no way that Mueller isn’t at least aware of the inconsistencies. If his job is to determine what role the Russians had in “hacking” the election — if any — this takes a big bite out of the original narrative.

It is also known that Mueller has close ties to former FBI Director James Comey. They have praised each other “off the record” on multiple occasions, according to Fox News.

The suggestion is that since Mueller and Comey are friends, there is a clear conflict of interest. Mueller is in charge of an investigation over President Trump, who fired his good friend Comey. In any other situation, he would have been relieved of duty.

Mueller has also been making some questionable decisions about who he brings on board for his special counsel. There are a number of Democrats on the counsel who have given money to Hillary Clinton and Obama.

Report says Mueller has direct evidence showing that the narrative surrounding Russia hacking the election is entirely fabricated. Does Mueller know the Trump truth?

There are no GOP donors in sight on Mueller’s team, while at least three people have made hefty donations to the DNC. The controversial hiring decisions do not end there, however.

He also brought on an attorney named Jeannie Rhee, who represented Hillary Clinton when the FBI was investigating her private email server.

In other words, a Clinton lawyer, Comey’s buddy, and Democrat donors are working on a special counsel with the goal of nailing President Trump. The icing on the cake is the blatant evidence showing that it could not have been Russia that copied that data from the DNC. Muller will have to speak up sooner or later, and he should consider how he approaches this situation because the country is watching and waiting with eager eyes.