BREAKING: Mueller Asked to Resign

Slowly but steadily, people are beginning to see through the façade of Mueller’s supposed impartiality. Recognizing that the special counsel is hardly conducting an “independent” investigation, some representatives have requested that the special counsel resign.

Republican Arizona Rep. Trent Franks says that, “Bob Mueller is in clear violation of federal code and must resign to maintain the integrity of the investigation.” His reasoning includes the reported friendship between Mueller and Comey which creates a conflict of interest regarding the investigation, according to the Daily Caller.

Franks has accused Mueller of violating the federal law, which prohibits any special counsel from having a conflict of interest and, as such, should resign from his position overseeing the Russian interference investigation.

Trent Franks, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, as well as one of the most respected conservative politicians in the nation, has made a number of comments questioning the validity of this investigation, and says that Mueller “must resign to maintain the integrity of the investigation into alleged Russian ties.”

He elaborated, “Bob Mueller is in clear violation of federal code and must resign to maintain the integrity of the investigation into Russian ties. Those who worked under them have attested he and Jim Comey possess a close friendship, and they have delivered on-the-record statements effusing praise of one another.”

Mueller was Comey’s predecessor from 2001-2013, and the two of them have had a personal and professional relationship that heralds back to the Bush administration, where they worked hand-in-hand.

“No one knows Mr. Mueller’s true intentions, but neither can anyone dispute that he now clearly appears to be a partisan arbiter of justice. Accordingly, the law is also explicitly clear; he must step down based on this conflict of interest,” Frank continued.

If Mueller genuinely had a close personal relationship with Comey, it is more than justifiable to ask the special prosecutor to resign. Currently, Mueller is investigating Trump for potentially obstructing justice for firing the former FBI Director, regardless of the fact that Comey had already planned in advance to pardon Hillary Clinton.

Franks also brought up another important point, stating, “Already, this investigation has become suspect – reports have revealed at least four members of Mueller’s team on the Russia probe donated to support Hillary Clinton for President, as President Trump pointed out. These obviously deliberate partisan hirings do not help convey impartiality.”

It’s impossible to maintain an illusion of impartiality with such biased and deliberate hiring tactics. In fact, seven out of the 13 identified lawyers that Mueller hired donated to Obama and Hillary Clinton in the past – something that our president called out.

Judiciary Committee member says Mueller in violation of federal code. Should Mueller resign immediately?

“The people that have been hired are all Hillary Clinton supporters. Some of them worked for Hillary Clinton. I mean the whole thing is ridiculous,” said Trump. He also mentioned that he was aware of the close connection between Mueller and Comey, something which he described as very bothersome.

Sadly, many Republicans still haven’t been convinced by Franks’ statements. Sen. Lindsey Graham said that it “could be the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency,” should he fire Mueller.

Regardless, with these details, it’s impossible to see how any person can see this investigation as anything other than a political witch-hunt.