WATCH: Look What MSNBC Mika Said About Trump Minutes Before He Tweeted

Once again, President Trump tweeted and the establishment media lost their collective minds, but that’s not the whole story.

Not long before President Trump sent his tweet, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were in the middle of a tirade in which they mocked the president’s Time Magazine covers featured in some of his clubs. During their rant, they stated the president was “needy.” When referencing one of the covers, Brzezinski stated that Trump was “covering his hands here because they’re teensy.”

Of course, this was profane reference to other parts of President Trump’s anatomy, which we won’t discuss on a Christian website — but you can probably guess what she meant.

That’s when Trump responded via Twitter. Of course, the media reacted with their usual faux outrage, claiming that the president’s comments were motivated by sexism. The Washington Post implied that the tweets are examples of bullying behavior. CNN called the tweets “hateful.”

So, not surprisingly, the media is being hypocritical. But this fact did not keep them from pretending as if the MSNBC hosts were poor victims of President Trump’s “bullying”. Nothing was said of the fact that his tweets were a response to being personally lambasted by a show which regularly mocks him.

To be clear, while we don’t necessarily approve of everything the president says, the media is simply refusing to report the truth about this entire scuffle. And that’s the big issue here: Scarborough, Brzezinski, and other liberal media figureheads launch relentless attacks against Trump and conservatives. But when anyone responds to them, there’s an outrageous, 24-hour news cycle dedicated to it.

President Trump’s aggressive approach to the establishment media has been lauded by conservatives — even those who opposed him in the primaries. Liberal news outlets have spent decades reporting the news in a way that is biased against conservatives. Their skewed reporting became even more egregious during the 2016 campaign.

The president should continue to call out the media for their biased reporting. Each time they skew a news story, he should not hesitate to let the American public know. Democrats and their media allies would love for Trump to just give up his Twitter account, but that would be admitting defeat. Social media is a powerful tool, and he’s used it to communicate directly with us about his vision for the future.

This is exactly what the media hates, as they are no longer the sole gatekeepers to important information. Instead, we all have the power to communicate with one another and elected officials — even the president of the United States — instantaneously. What you’re clearly seeing a media reaction to fundamental change, and they don’t like it one bit.

What the media would prefer is that society go back to the days when they were in complete control over how the facts were presented — when they could easily push any narrative they wanted upon the American people. That’s because it’s all about power to them, and they don’t like sharing it. Too bad. President Trump and conservatives aren’t backing down to the likes of MSNBC.