WATCH: MSNBC Host Loses It, Shows Trump Was Right to Call Him ‘Psycho’

While visiting Poland last week, President Trump received tremendous support and praise from the Polish people, with crowds waving thousands of small American flags in solidarity. Not everyone is happy with the president’s speech.

While many are praising President Trump’s speech as remarkable and reassuring, Democrats have been criticizing it as nationalism and anti-globalism. Sharpest among the critics is Joe Scarborough, saying the speech was “disgusting” for attacking “America’s intel community” and “America’s free press […] the day before we meet America’s chief adversary.” (via Western Journalism)

When asked about President Trump’s speech, Scarborough criticized the first part of the speech, saying, “The first 20 minutes was one of the worst presidential speeches I’ve ever head on foreign soil.” Scarborough was referring to Trump’s recount of Poland’s violent history under the thumb of Nazi Germany and later the Soviet Union, and Poland’s fight to rise from the ashes a stronger nation.

This particular part of the speech was moving for many Americans and Polish peoples, but Scarborough didn’t like it. “You know the first half of this speech was packed with platitudes and trite, obvious talking points and it was an extremely disappointing speech for anyone hoping to get policy points out of it,” he said.

Scarborough was “disgusted” by Trump briefly criticizing U.S. intelligence agencies for buying into the liberal narrative that Russia supposedly succeeded in hacking the election to prevent Hillary Clinton from winning. Trump used the moment to criticize Obama for failing to act on intelligence reports suggesting attempts to hack the election at the time saying, “Why did he do nothing about it? … The reason is he thought Hillary was going to win.”

Scarborough was particularly angered by Trump’s criticisms being made on foreign soil. He ranted:

“For a sitting president of the United States… to be on foreign soil – we can’t really underline this enough – attack America’s intel community, on foreign soil and attack America’s free press on foreign soil, long seen by dissidents and others that are suffering in the prisons of autocrats as Ronald Reagan said, a city shining brightly on the hill for all the world to see – for him to attack American institutions two days after the Fourth of July on foreign soil, the day before we meet America’s chief adversary, is nothing short of disgusting.”

What Scarborough fails to either understand or admit, is the intelligence community has been failing to do their job for quite some time. Trump mentioned the first instance under the Bush administration when “everybody was 100 percent sure that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that led to one big mess. They were wrong.”

This failure was followed by the FBI’s treatment of the Hillary email scandal, the Obama administration supposedly receiving intel that Russians were somehow ‘meddling’ in the election, but choosing only to notify or act on it when Hillary lost, and the continuous stream of classified information being leaked to the press by anti-Trumpers.

It’s apparent the intelligence community is plagued with problems and Trump was justified in his brief jab.

It seems that “Psycho Joe” was hoping for Trump to call out Russia on hacking the election, but was forced to settle with Trump attacking Russia for its meddling in Syria and Ukraine.

It appears now that liberals were a little bitter when Trump failed to side with their agendas and they were forced to sift through an amazing speech to find something — anything — they could potentially criticize him for, even if many agree with him about it.