BREAKING: “Morning Joe” Is Hiding A Sick Secret

It should be no surprise that many personalities in the mainstream news industry have a few skeletons in their closets that they would like to keep hidden. But no one expected that “Morning Joe” would literally have dead bodies to hide.

Joe Scarborough, also known as “Morning Joe,” with a show of the same name on MSNBC, has had a deeply-held secret that he wants to keep hidden–the dead body of a 28-year-old office worker that was found in his office when he was still a Congressman.

Lori Klausutis was the name of the intern who was found dead in Representative Joe Scarborough’s office. In a shocking case that was barely mentioned by the mainstream media at all, the former Republican Representative from Florida turned mainstream news anchor for MSNBC, has a shocking story that he doesn’t want coming to light.

Although preliminary findings from the medical examiner’s office showed no signs of foul play or suicide, MSNBC has had no reservations about keeping the entire affair hush-hush. Markos Moulitsas, a liberal commentator and regular guest on MSNBC, was blacklisted from the news channel in 2010 for merely mentioning the story on Twitter, according to a story by Gawker.

This strange event resulted in a virtual news blackout – hardly any outlet was willing to report on the story. At the same time, however, the mainstream media had no qualms about questioning Representative Cary Condit (D-CA) about his own missing ex-intern, Chandra Levy.

Even with 9/11 coming only a few days later and shifting the attention of the news, the entire affair was sufficient enough to cost Condit his re-election campaign, despite the fact that Levy’s murderer was caught and convicted.

In stark contrast, Scarborough’s case regarding his dead intern vanished into thin air.

The more one looks into the story, the more peculiarities there are to be found. For instance, Dr. Michael Berkland was the Medical Examiner for the case. His autopsy results showed no sign of foul play or suicide and helped bury all questions regarding her death.

However, it turns out Berkland’s medical license had been suspended both in the states of Missouri and Florida for reporting false information regarding autopsy reports. He would never deny these charges.

Even worse is that in 2012, the doctor was arrested for storing preserved body parts in a rented storage unit in Florida – a scene more reminiscent of a horror movie than a real life. According to CBS News, Berkland claimed that the contents of the storage unit were household furniture, equipment, and general goods; a contrast to the boxes’ real contents–human organs.

Regardless of these concerns, Scarborough is still haunted, to some extent, by the specter of this story to this very day.

Scarborough was initially more sympathetic to Trump’s presidential candidacy, but would later change his opinion of President Trump, and in doing so, came closer in line with the network’s anti-Trump bias.

For what reason this happened could be anyone’s guess. His opinion could have genuinely changed about Trump, or perhaps the network started pressuring the news host to change his tune – potentially using this “affair” as a form of leverage.

Regardless, America may never know the true story of the former congressman’s dead intern. It’s important to recognize this tragedy, and because of the lack of scrutiny by the press in this story, the Klausutis family may never find the truth behind their daughter’s death.