WATCH: MLK Niece Issues Major Veterans Day Message, Please Listen

Veteran’s Day is perhaps one of the most important holidays of the year. Martin Luther King’s niece appeared on Fox News to talk about how anti-American actions are running rampant through the country and hurting both veterans as well as Americans who have never served.

Alveda King spoke explicitly on the topic of the California sect of the NAACP working to erase the national anthem from our history. They claim that this country’s song is “racist.” King resisted that idea, and said that there is no reason to change the national anthem –because that will not change anyone’s heart.

King’s message is reminiscent of her uncle’s (Martin Luther King). She seemingly wants to bring America back to its ideals — the same ideals that have been buried by the rampant Left.

Her message focuses on resolutions passed by the NAACP’s California chapter. They have two goals in these resolutions, and neither are good for promoting the idea of pride for our country.

First, as previously mentioned, they think that Congress should get rid of “The Star-Spangled Banner” as the national anthem of this country. Furthermore, the NAACP want to help former San Francisco 49ers quarterback (and controversial player) Colin Kaepernick find a job.

The group doesn’t want just to help Kaepernick find a job. The NAACP wants to take things a step further and force a team to take him, whether the team wants him or not. If a team refuses, then that team will without a doubt be called “racists” by the mainstream media.

The story of Colin Kaepernick relates to what King was explaining on Fox News. We can change the anthem — we can even take it out of NFL games — it still will not change what is in people’s hearts.

If the NAACP want to look at someone and call them a racist for not abiding by their stipulations, they will. King’s message is that this needs to stop, and that it’s prudent to do so immediately. The hearts of this nation need to come together, she implied.

“It’s not the song. It’s not the flags. It’s not the Confederate statues. But it’s our hearts,” King said on Saturday. She continued, “We need a transformation of the heart.”

King went on to say that she hopes the NAACP sees that this is about much more than the songs. The hearts of the people in the United States are so crucial in this issue, and this particular piece of the puzzle is all but ignored.

King went on to cite one of her uncle’s famous quotes. “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish as fools,” she echoed. Instead of joining together, people are more divided than ever before — that much is clear.

The niece of the great Martin Luther King Jr. closed out her interview by saying, “We can burn our whole country down – and please don’t do it – … Our hearts need to be transformed.” Hopefully, that message hits home with the NAACP California Chapter and many others across the nation that focus on division during this Veteran’s Day weekend, instead of coming together as red-blooded Americans.