WATCH: MLK Jr.’s Niece: “God Appointed Jesus…Not Rev. Al Sharpton”

Al Sharpton is becoming less and less relevant each day as Americans are becoming more aware of his political machinations. As such, many members of the African-American community, who have traditionally been staunch Democrat voters, might be willing to switch sides as they come to realize the truth.

One such figure is helping to do exactly that. While appearing on Fox News, Dr. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr., said on national television that, “Al Sharpton is another comedy of errors. God appointed Jesus of Nazareth, not Al Sharpton.”

Dr. Alveda King, an activist, and an author–who has appeared on public television to defend Trump in the past–went on Fox Business Channel to discuss the current situation regarding race relations in this nation, and how they have been deteriorating.

When asked what MLK would have to say about today if he were still alive, Dr. King said that “there is a comedy of errors, in that so much has been occurring in this nation not to help the African-American community. But not just African-American community. We’re already worried about ISIS…now you have Ebola; it’s too much stress for a family, the two parents struggling, the middle-class family…when is the comedy of errors going to end?”

She continued to explain her opinion as to one of the major reasons why African-Americans have been voting in lockstep with the Democrats; they haven’t been adequately educated. In her opinion, voting on the basis of race isn’t what’s going to get them out of their situations.

When asked about Al Sharpton, who has voiced his disagreement with Dr. King’s message, she responded by saying that he was “another comedy of errors anointed by President Obama. God anointed Jesus of Nazareth, not Al Sharpton.”

“I’m very disturbed, for instance, when he went to Ferguson and things escalated, ‘no justice, no peace, we’re going to be angry.’ We’re taking a message of peace, sanity, and solutions – and he’s not offering that,” Dr. King said.

Dr. King, among other things, has been a voice of reason and sanity in the African-American community amidst a sea of voices that refuse to offer long-lasting solutions. She previously came to the defense of President Trump when the media attacked him for his two-sided appraisal of the violence at Charlottesville.

When asked about Trump’s comments in which he condemned violence on both sides, Dr. King said, “We’ve got to stop the violence” and that “the President is right about that.” She also described the President as a “brilliant man” who has already done much for this country, according to FOX News.

She continued to stress the importance of education as the solution to stopping the efforts of Democrat figures such as Sharpton, whose interests are not aligned with whats best for African-Americans.

Al Sharpton has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he is very often not a purveyor of truth. Was Dr. Alveda King right in questioning Sharpton’s false activism?

When asked about Hillary Clinton, Dr. King humorously said, “she needs to stay home and pray real hard,” something that she probably has not done for quite some time.

Dr. King continues to do good work exposing these Democrat figures and helping the African-American community. Hopefully, people will be open-minded enough to hear her message.