Missing Family Found After Haunting 911 Call

A family missing from their home in Fremont, Michigan, for a week was found Sunday morning, 450 miles away.

The family was found at 11 a.m. in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin, according to Fremont Police Chief Tim Rodwell.

Rodwell told WOOD-TV that it was closing its investigation into the family’s disappearance, although some unanswered questions — or at least, some unreported answers — remained.

“All members were interviewed and determined to be safe,” Rodwell said, according to MLive. “They are still of the opinion that people are after them, but the elements of the investigation do not meet the criteria for protective custody.”

Anthony and Suzette Cirigliano, both 51, and their sons Brandon, 19, and Noah, 15, disappeared from their home on Oct. 16 after a bizarre call to 911 from Anthony Cirigliano, asking for protection.

Fremont police released a recording of Cirigliano’s 911 call, WOOD-TV reported.

“Everyone is OK, but I need a Fremont Police Department,” he said, asking for a specific officer after calmly giving his name and address.

“I need some police protection immediately,” he said, later adding there was “a vital national interest.”

“It is related to September 11th and people want to erase me from the face of the Earth. I am not crazy. [Fremont police sergeant] knows me, I am a Christian, I just need some help, and then the U.S. government will take it from here,” he said.

“I know this sounds crazy, you don’t have instructions for this. Please send someone that knows [a specific officer] and can talk to the U.S. authorities, please.”

After the 911 dispatcher said police would respond, he said, “OK. Can they come with their lights off and not to frighten my children please?”

“Yup, definitely,” she said.

“OK, I’ll look for them, and knock on the door, and — who, please try to send [a specific officer] even if he has to be woke from his sleep, it’s that important,” he said.

Two officers later responded, Rodwell said.

“Anthony was complaining of some elaborate issue in regard to the Sept. 11 attack. He was displaying to my officers paranoia and some concerns in regard to the FBI and CIA,” Rodwell said, according to Fox News.

Rodwell said the officers spent 45 minutes talking to Cirigliano to ensure “that mental illness wasn’t putting anybody in jeopardy,” WOOD-TV reported.

“This investigation will be closed and we wish to thank all of those individuals who assisted in the investigation by calling in tips and sharing the information to help locate this family,” Rodwell said, according to MLive.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.