WATCH: Millennial Journalist Goes Off, Exposes Trump’s Enemies On Live TV

It’s nice to see that not all millennials are Bernie Sanders-supporting liberals. Thankfully, the stereotype doesn’t hold true in every case, and one millennial journalist is letting everyone know–on public television–the truth about the current political situation facing our president.

“I don’t know what happened to the party of JFK, who said ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.’” said Kristin Tate on Fox News. “The Democratic Party has become one of victimhood and seething hatred that despises free speech,” she proclaimed.

Political commentator Kristin Tate, a contributor to The Hill, went after Trump’s enemies, both on the progressive Left as well as in the GOP establishment, which she said is “just as much a threat to the Trump agenda as the far left-wing progressives are.”

“The party has absolutely no solutions, the Democratic Party has become one of victimhood and of seething hatred…it’s absolutely despicable, but I also think it’s not effective. So, I say, let Donald Trump and the Republicans keep talking about jobs and the economy and growth, and let the Democrats keep talking about transgender bathrooms and tearing down historical statues. We’ll see who’ll win next year,” said Tate.

The contributor went on to talk about the problems Trump is facing in terms of traitors within the GOP. She specifically singled out Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), who didn’t support Trump when he was the party’s nominee and suggested Trump won’t be the GOP nominee in 2020.

“She’s [Collins] consistently fighting against conservative values and Donald Trump. And frankly, when Susan Collins says something it means about as much to me as when Chuck Schumer says something. I mean, I give them the same credence,” she said.

However, she did say that Collins had at least a partial point. Trump is facing an extreme level of resistance both by media and legislative forces in this country. Despite winning the presidency handily over his rival, and earning 50% of the population’s votes, the media is relentless in their demonization of the president. Every little thing he says is spun in a way that not only misrepresents his words but helps fan the flames of radical anti-Trump sentiments across the country.

It’s no surprise that we are starting to see instances of elected officials making overt death threats against the president.

A Democrat Missouri state senator, just a few days ago, wrote a Facebook post hoping that Trump would get assassinated, saying that “I truly believe [it] will happen sooner…not later,” as reported by The Washington Free Beacon.

In another case, State Rep. Scott Hamann of Maine – a Democrat – also threatened President Trump’s life, suggesting that he will be a “half term president, at most, especially if I ever get within 10 feet of that [censored].

Even worse, despite having a majority, Congress is stalling when it comes to passing key legislation for which the American people voted. If Trump were not to be the nominee in 2020, it would be because of these efforts in sabotage, and not because of a lack of competence or willingness.

Trump’s original mandate – to drain the swamp of American politics – has been a difficult road so far, and fair journalists such as Kristin Tate are much needed to counter the fake news culture pervading the media outlets of today.