WATCH – Mike Rowe Records THIS Patriotic Video, Every American Should See It

Mike Rowe, famous for his show Dirty Jobs and for openly supporting blue-collar workers, has seen increased popularity as of late. Though Rowe never endorsed a candidate for president in 2016, Rowe and Trump pay particular attention to blue-collar, hardworking Americans.

As part of a weekly podcast, Mike Rowe released a video on Independence Day that touched on many current issues. The video shows a rarely discussed side of America’s independence, emphasizing that our country was literally founded based upon grievances arising from high taxation.

He starts off by describing three men: John, Frank and Richard. John is an extremely wealthy farmer who is prospering and “down right rich.” Frank is an international businessman working in the mercantile exchange who’s built an absolute fortune for himself and, “employs more people than he can keep track of.” Richard is “one of the wealthiest lawyers in America” and serves as the New Jersey jurist.

Rowe continues the story, saying these three men joined dozens of other wealthy Americans at a “private men’s club in Philadelphia to discuss, among many other things, the future of our country and our current tax code.”

“Not only do these gentlemen believe their taxes are way too high, they feel their money is being squandered by America’s leaders,” describes Rowe. “They are also offended, deeply offended, by the continual assertion they are not paying their ‘fair share’.”

The men wanted a new leader who would stop “dividing the country,” so they wrote a manifesto “outlining their concerns and announcing their refusal to keep paying taxes to an administration they believe to be corrupt.”

The leaders at the time are furious, saying, “How can these wealthy men who have enjoyed so much good fortune complain about paying a little extra for the good of the country?” Their response? Attack, steal, and torture the men who signed the manifesto.

The three men are John Hart, Francis Lewis, and Richard Stockton, three of the 56 individuals who signed the “troublesome document” known as the Declaration of Independence.

Rowe says the American Revolution, “didn’t start with an angry mob, armed with pitchforks and guillotines with absolutely nothing to lose. Our revolution started because fifty-six very wealthy men with everything to lose put everything on the line for a country that didn’t exist yet.”

The men are inspiring. They had massive fortunes and status and sacrificed it all of their own free will. Rowe says their wealth would’ve allowed them to easily pay, “whatever new tax was being demanded by their king. They could have easily lived their lives in comfortable peace, but they didn’t. They chose liberty over safety.”

The men who created this nation gave everything they had, a significant amount, as a pledge to the soon to be Americans at the time, and to us living in the modern day.

Many liberals villainize the wealthy as the reason for poverty and injustice in the world. Despite their own wealth and shady dealings with foreign nations, they attack and slander the hardworking men and women of America who have been successful in raising their fortunes the honest way.

They criticize the wealthy on the right who seek to bring down taxes and incentivize small business growth as evidence of ‘greed’ and ‘corrupt capitalism’. They rally against the very dream this country was built on, that men and women would be free to pursue opportunity and secure their fortune through their own hard work and ingenuity, without being hindered and restricted by those in power.

Mike Rowe’s message is a welcome respite to the claims of ‘wealth inequality’ and the ‘corrupt wealthy’ by the left. He reminds us that it was the ‘one percenters’ who came to the people’s aid and established liberty and prosperity for all, and that “their pledge and their courage is still worth remembering and celebrating.”