HORRIFYING: Mike Pence’s Security Detail Fired – Look What They Did While He Slept

There have been many threats to Trump and his administration, especially from outside the White House. Knowing full well the dangers that are always looking for lapses in security, the security details of key administration figures should be extra vigilant. Disturbingly enough, it seems like they made one potentially fatal mistake.

In what can be characterized as a massive blunder on behalf of the security team, the US military detail assigned to Vice President Mike Pence has been fired after being caught on video bringing women back to their hotel in Latin America, according to NBC News.

It sounds like something from an espionage thriller, but it is astounding that this security personnel would commit such a jarring infraction of protocol. Even worse, the service members didn’t register the women when they brought them in.

Three defense officials said that this failure in security occurred during Pence’s trip to Latin America earlier in August, with one official saying it occurred in Panama.

The service members in question were all senior members of the Air Force and the Army. They were brought back to the United States when Pence’s staff became aware of the problem after seeing security camera footage of the members bringing women into a secure area.

“We are aware of the incident and it is currently under investigation,” Air Force spokesman Col. Patrick S. Ryder said. “We can confirm that the individuals in question have been reassigned back to the Army and Air Force.”

In addition, they confirmed that, at this point, there were no indications that the women in question were prostitutes.

Strangely enough, this isn’t the first time that security detail has done something like this. Back in 2012, eight Secret Services agents under President Obama lost their jobs when they were caught taking prostitutes from a strip club back to their hotel rooms.

The 2012 case bears many similarities with this situation, in which Colombian prostitutes were employed by Secret Service agents under the Obama administration. The scandal emerged because, of all things, the agents refused to pay full price for the woman’s services – a difference that amounted to only $20.

It’s vulnerabilities of this kind that America’s enemies are more than willing to exploit. Once they recognize that US officials’ security, which should be air-tight, has a potential vulnerability to exploit, it won’t be long before they start using women to try to infiltrate or otherwise compromise our security teams. It’s the kind of error that one would imagine happening in a Tom Clancy spy novel–not in real life.

What’s worse is that in all of these cases, these weren’t inexperienced soldiers partaking in the activities–they were mainly veterans or members of elite operations teams. If something like this is happening behind the scenes, not just once, but multiple times, imagine what other kinds of security breaches there are in the security net of Trump’s staff? The safety of the President could be compromised.

Thankfully, not all members of Trump’s security detail are so lacking in professionalism as these soldiers, but even a single infraction could be potentially dangerous in the right circumstances.