BREAKING: VP Mike Pence Issues Powerful Order To GOP. Do You Agree?

In the ongoing struggle to get Obamacare repealed like they’ve talking about for the past seven years, the GOP is finding itself under fire letting their constituents down at such a crucial juncture. Vice President Mike Pence has been ordering Republicans fulfill their responsibilities to the American people and do what they set out to accomplish.

He demanded that the GOP-led Congress “step up to the plate after seven years and vote to repeal and replace Obamacare.” “Republicans know inaction is not an option,” Pence told the Ohio Republican Party Dinner at The Ohio State University in Columbus. “America needs to be delivered from Obamacare… Congress needs to act to repeal and replace Obamacare – and they need to do it now.” (via Newsmax)

This entire situation first came about when the Republicans failed to garner enough votes to pass crucial legislation regarding the healthcare program. With key senators Mike Lee of Utah and Jerry Moran of Kansas turning their back on party leadership at the last minute, the bill fell short of passing through the Senate.

As the GOP left the session licking their wounds, they came under fire from many including the president himself, who had said that senators should not leave on August recess until they come up with a solution and send him a bill to sign.

As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell schedules a procedural vote to debate repealing the Affordable Care Act immediately and develop a replacement later over two years, Pence called on senators to go back to their original proposal as well.

“The Senate healthcare bill, we believe, is the right bill at the right time to begin to repeal and replace Obamacare,” he said. “The bill being considered in the Senate today, the Senate healthcare bill, puts America back on a path to better more affordable healthcare for all Americans.” (via Newsmax)

Republicans have promised in their campaigns that if they were elected into office that they would repeal Obamacare. As Americans all across the nation deal with ballooning Obamacare premiums and the burden that places on their families finances, failing to succeed at this crucial juncture would render their promises hollow.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas said the same thing on his appearance at Fox and Friends: “We should be frustrated because we have politicians who campaign promising one thing, then they do something different in office. What I’m urging my colleagues? It’s not rocket science. Let’s do what we said we would do.” (via Fox News)

As voices across the nation clamor for healthcare reform, Pence suggested that Republicans “do America a favor” and “retire Sen. Brown in 2018 and give Ohio two great Republican senators.” “The Democrats who gave us the failed policies of Obamacare – won’t any one of them lift a finger to help the American people out of the burden,” said Pence. (via Newsmax)

As Republicans deal with rebels in their midst, and a slew of Democrats who are not willing to help the American people, they face an uphill struggle. But if, or rather when, successful, they will usher in a new chapter in American healthcare history — one that is patient-centered instead of government-run.