JUST IN: Michelle Obama’s Dark Past Revealed

An explosive expose released by The New York Times earlier this week details over three decades of sexual misconduct committed by a Democrat mega-donor, Harvey Weinstein.

The Obama family, in particular, has a long history with Weinstein, who contributed almost $900,000 to Democrat candidates. Former First Lady Michelle Obama praised Harvey Weinstein in 2013, calling him a “good friend” and a  “wonderful human being.” Malia Obama, the eldest Obama daughter, was hired as an intern for Harvey Weinstein earlier this year.

The co-founder of Miramax denies most of the allegations, and is planning to sue The Times for publishing the allegations against him. Despite the extensive allegations of decades of sexual misconduct, many Democrats are refusing to cast judgment, and won’t denounce Weinstein’s behavior.

The extensive report by The Times is based on a 2015 memo written by Lauren O’Connor which documents conversations with female Weinstein employees who have accused Weinstein of offering career growth in exchange for sexual favors. The Times followed up on the memo by interviewing numerous women who have known Weinstein across the last 30 years.

All of the women interviewed offered similar stories of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual advances even though most of the accusers have never met, and are separated by decades and national borders.

The stories of women accusing Weinstein of sexual misconduct in London in the 1990s share deep similarities with accusations from American actresses in 2015.

According to The Times, Weinstein would regularly invite young actresses and other fresh faces in the entertainment industry for a meeting at the hotel he frequents. Many of the women expressed surprise that, when they reported to Weinstein’s hotel room, he was often naked.

Weinstein would make sexual advances, requesting messages, or asking the women to watch him in the shower. Actress Ashley Judd spoke out against her former boss, stating, “Women have been talking about Harvey among ourselves for a long time, and it’s simply beyond time to have the conversation publicly.”

Weinstein denies most of the allegations and plans to sue the New York Times. “I appreciate the way I’ve behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and I sincerely apologize for it. Though I’m trying to do better, I know I have a long way to go,” he said in a statement.

The Obama family has a long history with alleged sexual harasser Harvey Weinstein. Are we defined by who we hang out with?

In light of the allegations, many Democrat politicians are turning down donations offered by Weinstein, contributing the money to Women-centered charities. The Obama family, however, has yet to condemn Weinstein’s behavior, or return any of the money Weinstein donated or bundled to help elect former President Obama, reports The Washington Free Beacon.

Harvey Weinstein visited the White House at least 13 times while former President Obama was in office. At a fundraiser in 2013, Barack Obama praised Weinstein, thanking him for his “friendship and support.”

Weinstein said he was taking a break from his role at Miramax in wake of the allegations and will focus on politics in the meantime. Weinstein said he is going to channel his “anger” against the National Rifle Association, and he is working on a movie about President Trump.