ALERT: Michelle Obama Issues Nasty Trump Announcement

Apparently, according to Michelle Obama, American women voters were not smart enough to support Hillary Clinton.

While appearing at a marketing conference in Boston, former First Lady Michelle Obama attacked all the women who voted for President Trump. “Any women who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice,” she told the Boston crowd, according to The Washington Free Beacon. 

During the 2016 election, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton fought hard to convince women to vote for her. Clinton’s campaign slogan, “I’m with her” in contrast to President Trump’s “make America great again” made the focus of these two campaigns clear. Clinton was running to become the first female president, while Trump ran to preserve the America of his youth. For her victory celebration, Hillary Clinton had planned to rain down confetti resembling shards of glass, suggesting the shattering of the metaphoric glass ceiling.

Yet, despite Clinton’s emphasis on her gender, most women did not care. According to the New York Times, despite Hillary Clinton being the first major female presidential candidate, most women voted along party lines.

According to Kathleen Dolan, a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin, gender does not play a major role when it comes to voting. Instead, party lines play a larger role. In contrast to Michelle Obama’s expectations, the majority of voters did vote along party lines. The only major shift along gender lines involved male Democrats moving over to support President Trump.

Michelle Obama’s latest statement appears to be rooted in the Marxist concept of false consciousness. This theory was created by Frederick Engels to explain why most workers do not support communism. Instead of accepting that most workers are happy under capitalism, Marxists assume that workers could not possibly know what is in their own best interest, and must rely on communist leaders to tell them what to believe. defines false consciousness as the “ideology dominating the consciousness of exploited groups and classes which at the same time justifies and perpetuates their exploitation.” The theory is extremely insulting towards average workers, insinuating that they are not smart enough to know what’s best for them.

As the First Lady, Michelle Obama championed anti-bullying initiatives by forming partnerships with multiple media companies such as Facebook and MTV to push anti-bullying services. However, after leaving office it appears that Michelle Obama has abandoned her commitment to ending bullying by promoting these offensive Marxist theories.

Former FLOTUS Michelle Obama attacked all the women who voted for President Trump, saying “Any women who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice.” Did they?

“There are millions of women who support Donald Trump and we’re not standing in the shadows anymore! We won’t be pushed around by bullies who tell us who we are ‘supposed’ to like. And we’re not going to keep quiet now that he has been elected!” explains Women Vote Trump, a female-led organization created to support President Trump and his agenda.

The founders of Women Vote Trump say they created their group to help empower female Trump supporters and rail against the judgmental attacks from people like Michelle Obama. “‘They’ said we were supposed to vote for Hillary Clinton because we share the same body parts,” the group writes, adding, “We’re not going to keep quiet just because the Washington, DC power elites want us to!”

It is the strong women’s voices like these that fly in the face of people, like Michelle Obama, who believe “ignorant” women let everyone down by not supporting Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman.