ALERT: Melania Trump Is Under Attack

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have been the target of multiple verbal attacks since the election last year. Now, in the wake of two of the deadliest hurricanes the country has ever seen, the attacks are only getting worse.

While President Trump works feverishly with Florida Governor Rick Scott to secure supplies for Hurricane Irma, Melania sent out a warning message to everyone in the area. The FLOTUS tweeted, “If you are in or near projected path of  please listen to local law enforcement in the area. Stay safe!!!” Soon after, horrible backlash ensued, where people suggested that she let herself get killed by the hurricane.  

The message that Melania is trying to pass along is simple — this hurricane is deadly, and in order to minimize loss of life, there has to be some kind of order. She wants everyone to know that she cares.

Instead of people taking her advice and sign of caring at face value, the Left decided to take it as a cue to personally attack Melania. Some of the following responses she received are disturbing, to say the least.

One user named Steve Hernandez tweeted, “Will you please go down there? Don’t wear a jacket. Just your heels…” This is the kind of response you would expect from a spoiled child, and not an adult.

Instead of praising Melania for trying to help the people in this tragedy, or just ignoring the post, this person felt it necessary to tell the first lady to go die. There have been plenty of un-American ramblings from the Left since President Trump took office, but this is crossing the line.

Another stated, “Get out of our WH with your treason husband! Where’s the peeped tapes? Enjoy?”

Many of the tweets are just a bunch of haphazard thoughts that don’t make sense. What are “peeped tapes?” There are many questions here.

The fact is, this is no way to treat someone who is just trying to help innocent people. It’s sad that people can say this sort of thing and sleep soundly at night. Americans should be proud of their president, and the first lady, especially when they actually show care and compassion for our citizenry. The past administration seemed like they were going out of their way to avoid helping Americans, particularly during national disasters.

In this time of crisis, some are threatening the President’s wife. Is this inexcusable behavior?

The anonymity and invisibility of the internet serves as an invisible barrier that gives people the ability to be rude without consequences. We’ve seen so many hurtful things said about our president that have hurt our country thanks to the relative safety trolls and other detractors find in hiding behind their keyboards.

While people are free to say what they like in the United States, people also have the freedom to judge another’s foolish, brash statements.

People will continue to say inappropriate things to people — especially President Trump and First Lady Melania. People can keep making nonsensical statements, but those of us who are capable of rational thought will keep shutting them down.