JUST IN: Melania Humiliates Anti-Trump Author With 1 Brilliant Photo

Worldwide bestselling author and creator of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, has come under intense criticism for misrepresenting President Trump’s interaction with a disabled boy at a news conference about Obamacare.

Rowling accused Trump of spurning young Monty Weer’s request for a handshake. After Rowling’s claims were debunked by raw video footage, a Twitter photo surfaced showing Melania Trump with the boy at the White House — a month before the conference. In the picture, the First Lady wishes Monty happy birthday.

Mrs. Trump’s photo, published on June 26, was taken a full month before the much-publicized Obamacare event at which Rowling claimed Trump refused to shake the boy’s hand. That means that even before the conference, the Trump family had given Monty Weer a cordial welcome.

The First Lady even wished Monty a happy belated birthday. He turned three on June 25–the day right before his parents attended a roundtable at which they discussed the failings of Obamacare with Trump, according to Daily Signal.

At the July 24 news conference, Trump gave Monty the warmest greeting of all the guests. As shown in the complete video footage released by the White House, the President went straight to Monty after offering remarks, crouching down to greet the boy on a more personal level, The Washington Post reported.

Rowling was fooled by a cleverly-edited cut of the event, which appeared to show Monty holding his hand up for a handshake while Trump seemingly ignored him. The Harry Potter author expressed outrage at the supposed incident.

The fake video was the work of a Democrat House staffer, The Gateway Pundit reported. It fooled many people other than Rowling, gaining a high number of views before being debunked by the release of the full video.

The boy’s mother, Marjorie Kelly Weer, stated on Facebook that Monty was not snubbed. He was not even trying to shake the President’s hand. He was holding his hand up while playing with a toy secret service patch–a gift from the White House.

The patch can clearly be seen in Monty’s upheld hand. Mrs. Weer requested that Rowling “get the memo” about the true nature of the incident. British journalist Piers Morgan, who has had public exchanges with Rowling, was quick to retweet a screenshot of Mrs. Weer’s plea to the Harry Potter author.

Rowling deleted her tweets about the event and offered her apologies to the Weer family, stating: “I very clearly projected my own sensitivities around the issue of disabled people being overlooked or ignored onto the images I saw and if that caused any distress to that boy or his family, I apologise unreservedly.”

However, Rowling did not apologize to Trump. In regards to the fake video, she slammed the president, comparing him to people in her life who had been discomforted by her mother’s disability.

Rowling has attacked Trump on numerous occasions, calling him worse than the villain of her fantasy series–Voldemort. It seems the author is not immune from falling for fake news. Perhaps she should concern herself with the real news of how children like Monty Weer are being hit with sky-high insurance costs thanks to Obamacare.