BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Humiliated, She Won’t Recover From This

Megyn Kelly’s star has been falling ever since she used her position as a Fox News anchor to attack candidate Donald Trump. Since leaving Fox for the mainstream, Kelly has tanked in the ratings.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Kelly’s ratings at NBC have been in free-fall for a while now. “Her ratings don’t compare to that of her predecessors, Tamron Hall and Al Roker, witnessing a 12 percent decline in viewership from last year during her show’s debut week, read the article. 

There’s plenty more bad news for the former star of Fox News.

Despite being on air for over a month, Kelly’s NBC program, Megyn Kelly Today, has consistently lost in the ratings to ABC’s show Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Furthermore, most reviews of Kelly’s program have tended to be negative.

In comparison to NBC‘s ratings last year, Megyn Kelly Today has seen a 24-percent drop in viewership, while the show’s third week saw a 23-percent smaller audience than previous weeks.

A lot of the blow-back against Kelly has come from her awkward interview style. Take for instance her rather odd question about Jane Fonda’s possible history of plastic surgery.

Fonda responded to the question in a later interview by saying, “It’s a weird thing to bring up – whether I’ve had plastic surgery or not.”

Actress Debra Messing also went on an angry rant about Kelly after she asked her Will & Grace co-star if he was gay.

Because of her awkward interviews, anonymous publicists have told the press that they are no longer booking their stars on Kelly’s show. This boycott of big names can only further hurt Kelly’s ratings.

Arguably, the most damaging moment of Kelly’s career came when she sat down to interview Infowars founder and host Alex Jones.

The interview that aired showed Kelly taking a tough line against Jones, especially over the fact that Jones believes that the Newtown shooting in 2014 was a “false flag operation.”

But, before the interview went on air, Jones scooped Kelly and NBC by releasing the recording of the calls between himself and Kelly.

These recordings make it clear that Kelly had promised Jones that she would not attack him, nor bring up the Sandy Hook shooting, or other controversial subjects.

In essence, Kelly lied to Jones in order to get him to agree to an interview with her.

Will Megyn Kelly recover from her ratings slide?

It seems that America has caught on to the fact that Megyn Kelly is a duplicitous journalist who just so happens to be bad at her job. Also, Kelly’s former fans at Fox did not move with her to NBC. A lot of this had to do with Kelly’s antagonism to President Trump, her clear preference for Hillary Clinton (this was made apparent on election night when Kelly held back tears when the decision was read out on air), and her mercenary approach to her own career.

Kelly’s former fans believe that she sold out her supposedly “conservative” principles for mainstream money. They’ve repaid her treachery by turning off their TVs.