ALERT: Megyn Kelly’s Bad News Just Keeps On Coming. She’s Done.

Ever since Megyn Kelly left Fox News, arguably even before that point, her career as a media personality has been going downhill. Considering how she has been treating her guests and stories, it’s not hard to see why.

Her new show on NBC is a complete disaster, filled with awkward moments and cringe-worthy interactions, and is an embarrassment to watch. With even her own guests disliking Kelly, her career may be over for good, according to the Daily Caller.

Since its Monday premiere just a few days ago, Megyn Kelly TODAY has been plagued by numerous problems as well as some truly awkward remarks – quite unbefitting a news personality of her stature.

On her first day, Kelly created a degree of controversy when she hosted the cast of Will & Grace. During the segment, Kelly had a homosexual fan of the show join them on stage. Kelly then made the comment, “Is it true that you became a lawyer – and you became gay – because of Will?”

She also told the man that, “I don’t know about the lawyer thing – but I think the Will & Grace and the ‘gay thing’ is gonna work out great!” It was a bizarre comment that led some who appeared on her show to react in dismay.

Will & Grace actress Debra Messing said, “The itinerary just said Today show appearance. Regret going on. Dismayed by her comments.”

On her Monday show, Kelly said, “I’m kinda done with politics for now.” It’s a strange comment to make, considering politics was her forte for most of her career. She also commented on the NFL national anthem protests, saying that their refusal to stand for the anthem “underscores some of the beauty of our country.”

Her career began to take a turn for the worse even before the release of her new NBC show. Earlier in the year, Megyn Kelly took a risky gambit to revitalize her career, interviewing Infowars host Alex Jones. Unfortunately for her, she was criticized for her “shallow” and “mediocre” reporting, with even left-leaning figures rebuking her.

“Megyn Kelly is getting crushed in the big leagues and it’s beginning to show, “wrote Don Kaplan of the New York Daily News.

Jones even released a full, unedited version of the NBC interview that he recorded himself, revealing moments in the interview that Kelly had edited to make the controversial radio host appear worse than he was. Even with a guest as controversial as Jones, Kelly’s segment failed to beat a rerun of 60 Minutes and America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Megyn Kelly media projects keep flopping. Is her career over?

Kelly’s reviews have gotten so bad that NBC is now even trying to get rid of her. “Inside scoop: NBC now trying to get rid of Megyn Kelly. Even trying to get FOX to buy out her contract and take her back,” tweeted Mark Simone.

Unfortunately for her, one anonymous Fox News source told Breitbart that Kelly “would not be welcomed back,” and that there is “no way” she could ever return.

With her past employers refusing to take her back, and her current employers at NBC gravely disappointed with their new addition, Megyn Kelly’s career is making a turn for the worse. If her ratings continue to tank and she is taken off the air, few Americans will miss her.