BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Makes SHOCK Announcement After Ratings Plummet

When Megyn Kelly left Fox News for NBC, she probably thought that her troubles were over.

However, according to Newsweek, NBC’s new Sunday night show starring Kelly is struggling to generate viewership and is bringing down the station’s ratings. Now, in a stunning move by NBC, Kelly has announced that the show would not be airing this Sunday.

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was a major source of controversy last year after a heated interview during the primaries when she accused Trump of sexism. Her time moderating the debates was criticized by many, and Trump even accused her of a lack of professionalism — something she has never formally apologized for.

Her leaving Fox was part of an overall controversy surrounding the news organization after allegations surfaced that CEO Roger Ailes sexually harassed employees. Kelly came out with her own allegations of sexual harassment that occurred a decade ago. Shortly after the incident, Kelly was shopping around for a new network, and NBC took her in.

Since joining NBC, she has become known for her edgy style and patronizing questions. She was recently criticized by many in the industry for how she handled an interview with the similarly controversial Alex Jones. Jones is a familiar figurehead in alternative media, known for his wild antics, thundering voice, and even conspiracy theories on his Infowars program an website. His appearance on NBC and how the show was portrayed contributed greatly to Kelly’s declining ratings.

She was also ridiculed by many on the right during one of her shows when she interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin. Throughout the interview, she tried to corner the Russian president in an effort to get him to admit helping Trump win the presidential election. Putin refused to engage in the accusations of “collusion” and denied any assistance to President Trump, despite Kelly’s insistence. Many have seen the interview as nothing more than jumping on the bandwagon of liberal media juicing the alleged Trump-Russia narrative for viewers and profit.

Though the interview with the Russian president boosted ratings for a little while, Kelly has steadily lost ratings and viewers with each successive show put out. It’s likely NBC has pulled her off the air for a little while in an effort to start fresh and bounce back.

Many believe her falling ratings may also have to do with her inability to relate to any potential audiences. Her former treatment of Trump alienated her from a conservative viewership and many on the left still see her as the right-wing show host from Fox where she had been reporting news for nearly 13 years. It seems her patronizing style isn’t appreciated by either audience.

Whether it’s suggesting penguins replace Santa as the Christmas icon or wearing wearing inappropriate clothing on television, Kelly has been left with very little credibility in the news world — something NBC is just now starting to realize after investing over $20 million in a show fewer and fewer people are watching.