BREAKING: Meghan McCain Destroys “Russia” Democrats With 1 Powerful Sentence

Since the 2016 election, liberals have tried to connect President Trump to nefarious dealings with Russia. None of their attempts have succeeded, yet those who oppose Trump are still attempting to smear his character with claims of Russian ties and comparing him with evil dictators and rulers, Putin included.

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) recently appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and compared Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In response, Meghan McCain went on the offensive, calling out the Democrats for their hypocrisy. “The idea that you can in any way compare what’s happening in Russia to the United States is also why the left has gotten so hysterical with President Trump,” she said, pointing out that it’s interest in  Democrats “care all of a sudden” about Russia. (via Western Journalism)

In the interview, Senator Durbin was asked about the positive and negative characteristics of Putin. Keeping with the anti-Trump agenda, Durbin used the opportunity to plug his criticism of President Trump by saying Putin was “gifted in his knowledge of history, our President [Trump] is not. He [Putin] certainly knows how to meet with foreign leaders and to push his agenda, our President has limited experience in that.”

He went on to say that Putin is well connected with his own intelligence agencies, having formerly been a KGB agent, whereas our President “derides” U.S. intelligence, giving Putin a “strong hand in this negotiation [G-20 summit] compared to [Trump].”

It seemed the only thing Trump and Putin shared was their supposed “megalomania,” according to the senator.

On the “Outnumbered” show on Fox News, co-host Meghan McCain severely criticized the senator’s comparison of the Russian president and Trump. McCain defended the president, saying he is in no way similar to Putin who, “murders people in the shadows of the Kremlin, jails journalists, women who speak out and dissidents.”

She continued, “The idea that you can in any way compare what’s happening in Russia to the United States is also why the left has gotten so hysterical with President Trump that any argument they’re making completely flies out the window.”

She and her cohosts went on to criticize Democrats’ sudden interest in Russia’s efforts to expand as political posturing, saying, “For those of us who have cared about Russia for a very long time, it’s interesting to see Democrats care all of a sudden.” They pointed out the complete disinterest of the Obama administration and mainstream media in regard to Russia’s actions in the Crimea, Ukraine, and Middle East.

Praising Trump’s efforts to establish good foreign policy and present a stronger front abroad, they compared President Obama’s efforts to Trump’s, which focused on globalism, his notorious ‘apology tour’ and disastrous foreign policies such as the Iran Nuclear Deal, among them.

One thing that both President Trump and President Putin share is their desire for their respective countries to rise to former glories. Putin could very well desire a reborn “Soviet Russia,” but in the modern context — a country that is feared by the world’s nations and rivals the U.S. as a superpower. In contrast, Trump desires a U.S. that goes back to its original roots, to “Make America Great Again” by rebuilding a strong economy and military, and reestablishing true conservative values that stand as a beacon of freedom and liberty to the world, casting a light on terrorists hiding in the shadows.

This is precisely why our relationship with Russia is a balancing act. Liberals can try to compare the two countries and their leaders, to claim the renewed hope of a “Great America” is an isolationist, nationalistic policy that prevents the U.S. from being a world leader, but the truth of the matter is that the U.S. is a place of freedom for all and it can only remain that way if it abides by the conservative truths it was built upon.

A “Great America” is a country that can stand on its own and be an example to the world — not be crippled by liberal agendas and globalist policies that make it dependent, and more often subservient, to foreign powers (including Russia).