BREAKING: Media Using Riots To Distract From This Major Trump Victory

The recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia has the mainstream media in a frenzy. They are pointing fingers and covering the story 24/7. The question is, are they covering this story so fiercely because they want to hide another big victory for President Trump?

According to a detailed analysis by Yahoo Finance, the United States reached a huge milestone, financially. Our real gross domestic product (GDP) made a sharp rebound during the second quarter of the year. Now, our GDP has officially crossed the $19 trillion mark for the first time in history. There are some deciding factors that made this possible.

The first factor that can be attributed to the rise of our GDP is the fact that our economy is getting stronger.  Yahoo went on to state that in the past couple of months, under Trump, the U.S. economy expanded by more than $300 billion.

In contrast, Obama’s first quarter in office seen the US GDP shrink down to $14.3 trillion, and then $14.3 trillion at the end of the second quarter. What a difference.

Besides the general increase in our economy, we have also seen consumer spending on an upward rise since President Trump took office in January. Overall, there was an increase of 2.8 percent in the second quarter as more everyday Americans spend their hard earned paychecks.

The increase in consumer spending can be attributed to the growth of jobs. Unemployment is at a 16-year-low of around 4.4 percent, and in June, around 222,000 new jobs were created. Specialists say at the rate we are going, an average of 100,000 jobs per year would help us see steady, unhinged growth in the country.

Business investments are also on the rise. Many companies that focus on technology saw a rise in their investments. Generally speaking, there was an 8.2 percent increase in computer equipment investments.

The rise of investments is a clear sign that people are ready and willing to put their money in on useful products and ideas. Their confidence is higher than it has been in years, and that does wonders for our economy as a whole.

While the events in Charlottesville are disturbing, to say the least, it is worth noting that the President is pushing our country in a positive direction. More people are experiencing growth and businesses are expanding quicker than they have in years.

President Trump immediately decried the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, but the media was in a frenzy saying his response was not adequate to call out the deeds of white supremacists.  Did Trump adequately express his disapproval?

Part of the reason we have seen such a sharp rise in business may have to do with President Trump cutting away the red tape on business that Obama put up during his time as president.

According to Fox News, Obama put many tax hikes on small businesses, which ended up in many of these places closing down because they just couldn’t afford to stay open any longer.

Now, companies are taking chances, hiring new people, and there are more consumers than ever before. If this trend stays consistent, we could end up with an economy that many people only dreamed of at this point. This is the kind of change we needed to see in our country, and this is why people voted for President Trump.