Here’s What The Media Is Hiding About The Mass Shooting In Maryland

The mainstream media clearly thinks that some gun crimes are made differently. The Las Vegas shooting dominated headlines for a week and a half, while weekend massacres in Chicago received little mention. The most recent shooting to receive the silent treatment was the workplace homicide in Maryland. The silence is owed to several inconvenient facts.

First and foremost, the crime runs contrary to the push for more gun control. Suspect Radee Labeeb Prince, 37, was a convicted felon whose criminal history means that he was legally barred from purchasing a firearm, according to Fox 5 DC. Yet, despite this criminal history, Prince still managed to use a handgun to kill three co-workers.

Prince’s rap sheet tells the tale of a misspent life.

According to relatives in Maryland and Delaware, Prince was known to have a violent temper, and furthermore, his many feuds likely contributed to the shooting.

After Prince fled the scene in Maryland, he journeyed to Delaware, where he shot an unnamed individual at a car dealership located in the 2800 block of Wilmington, Delaware. The wounded individual had a personal history of conflict with Prince.

The six people shot by Prince at Advanced Granite Solutions in Edgewood, Maryland, may have been targeted by the gunman over personal disputes.

The three who were killed have been named as 53-year-old Bayarsaikhan Tudev, 34-year-old Jose Hidalgo Romero, and 48-year-old Enis Mrvoljak.

After ATF agents apprehended Prince in Delaware, news outlets revealed that Prince had a history of being fired because of his violent nature. Prior to working for Advanced Granite Solutions, Prince was let go from another job for attacking a co-worker.

The man attacked by Prince filed a restraining order against him, but a Harford County, Maryland judge denied the order request.

“I felt very threatened because he is a big guy and very aggressive on me,” the unidentified co-worker said.

Overall, Prince has been arrested forty-two times in Delaware, and his record shows that he has been convicted of fifteen different felonies and four misdemeanors.

Prince’s rap sheet should have kept guns out of his hands, but as conservatives are wont to remind liberals, tighter firearms restrictions will never apply to criminals because they do not follow the law in the first place. Therefore, in order for “gun control” to have worked in this case, the federal government would have had to seize all privately owned firearms in the country, plus track down and destroy all illegal black market firearms as well.

Such a scenario will never happen in the United States thanks to the Second Amendment and the presence of millions of privately-owned firearms.

A criminal legally barred from purchasing a handgun still managed to get one and kill three people. Is the media hiding this on purpose?

“Gun control” simply means Democrats believe that only the police and the military should have guns. Such a conclusion runs counter to the spirit of the Constitution and the American republic, both of which believe that private firearms can act as a deterrent against a tyrannical government.

The story of Radee Prince proves than when Democrats talk “gun control,” they really mean using the force of the state to illegally seize all civilian firearms.