JUST IN: McCain Makes Shock Health Announcement

Longtime American senator and Vietnam War veteran, John McCain, has been dealing with brain cancer for months. Recently, Senator McCain released a dour health assessment.

According to Politico, McCain said, “I’m facing a challenge… But I’ve faced other challenges, and I’m very confident about getting through this one as well.” McCain further added on Sunday “You know, every life has to end one way or another.” 

McCain’s comments came during his first on-air interview since his diagnosis in July.

McCain’s type of brain cancer is called glioblastoma. Glioblastomas (GBM) are aggressive, malignant tumors that stem from astrocytes. These star-shaped cells are so dangerous because they “glue” themselves to the supportive tissues of brain.

The survival rate for this type of cancer is thirty-percent. Given Senator McCain’s age, the survival rate is even lower.

Recently, Senator McCain underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He is also scheduled for magnetic resonance imagining testing this week. This test is designed to see the growth or decline of the tumor and/or malignant cells.

McCain has remained surprisingly upbeat through this ordeal. He told CNN’s Jake Tapper, “Everything so far has gone very, very well, and I’m very grateful… I’ve had no side effects, no nothing, except, frankly, an increased level of energy.”

McCain however does not want to paint a “rosy picture.” There is still a very large chance that this tumor could kill Senator McCain.

The last time Mr. McCain was in the public eye was during his shocking vote with the Democrats in order to tank a repeal-only version of Obamacare. In July, Senator McCain explained his vote by saying that one of his biggest problems with the original Obamacare bill was that it passed without Republican votes or even a serious debate in Congress.

For years, McCain had styled himself as an ardent opponent of Obamacare. In 2015, he joined other Republican lawmakers in a call to repeal the bill entirely. It seems that a lot has changed in two years.

Mr. McCain is probably best known for his time as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. For five-and-a-half years, U.S. Navy officer and pilot John McCain was tortured by his communist jailers. This experience has left Mr. McCain with lasting damage to his arms and shoulders.

In 2008, Senator McCain ran for president against a novice and junior senator from Illinois named Barrack Obama. This election was not only the debut of Mr. Obama on the national stage, but it also introduced the world to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. In November of that year, Obama won in a landslide victory.

We here at Christian News Alerts wish Mr. McCain nothing but the best. While we disagree with him politically, we do not wish death or suffering on anybody. We will keep Mr. McCain in our thoughts and prayers during his hour of need. This is a man who fought for our country, and now needs our support.

All Americans, regardless of politics, should similarly bow their heads in prayer on behalf of Mr. McCain, his friends, and his family.