JUST IN: Maxine Waters Gives Sick Order to Black People

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) is known for her outlandish controversial behavior. During her speech at a Congressional Black Caucus Town Hall on Civil Rights, she stirred the pot yet again, in more ways than one.

On Thursday, Waters had some advice to give to members of the home-grown terrorist organization group Black Lives Matter. She implored them to start getting involved in politics and had “better get controversial.” According to Breitbart, Waters went on to explain that it is important for black people to play the race card.

In Waters’ world, they better not ask why — they had better just obey, or risk being alienated by the entire community. Her disturbing speech gives real insight as to what she thinks needs to happen in America.

The representative did not stop there. She went on to talk about President Trump and how she believes the situation should be handled, despite any clear signs of logic or thinking.

“Black people, you better get controversial. You better be controversial. You had better call it like it is. We have been shut down because others have defined us,” Waters stated. She acts as though there is some form of segregation present.

Oddly enough, she failed to mention that the nation just got done with eight-years of President Obama. One would logically conclude that if systematic racism exists there is no way Americans would have elected a black president for two terms, right? Wrong, according to Maxine.

“When they said to us about 10, 15 years ago, oh, she’s playing the race card. You should say yeah, and I’ve got a lot more I’m going to play,” Waters continued. She is encouraging young men and women to use the color of their skin to rally voters.

It goes to show how institutional racism is not an actual epidemic in the country. A career politician using their elected platform to encourage action is a privilege demonstrating that equality is alive and well. However, encouraging black voters to use their race as a means of pushing political agenda certainly doesn’t promote equality.

It also sets forth a stark double standard. If a white politician called white voters to engage in politics and promote the color of their skin, society would be in an uproar. Race shouldn’t be some sort of political position for any elected official or candidate.

Waters, however, thinks using the race card is a perk that should be used to make lives easier for people who are involved with Black Lives Matter.

Maxine Waters is at it again, imploring Black Lives Matter to get involved in politics and saying they had “better get controversial.” Does this promote equality?

Black Lives Matter is the group that marched through the streets and encouraged the death of cops over the course of multiple protests, chanting phrases such as, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” and other anti-cop and anti-white rallying cries.

The message being passed on to people is one of perpetuating racial division and continuing a lack of respect or regard for law enforcement. Calling on people to carry out “controversial” behavior is dangerous when some have already called for violence against police and whites. This could present a serious threat down the line if people who have this mentality start making it into political office and employ Waters’ advice.

Waters may not realize the damage she is doing. However, her message is getting out there and is quite alarming to many Conservatives and Centrists.