WATCH: Maxine Waters Launches Nasty Attack Against Ben Carson

Tension in the United States is at an all-time high due to the horrific events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. Sadly, instead of working through the issues as government officials should, Rep. Maxine Waters seems to be making the situation worse.

Waters spoke at a town hall meeting in Los Angeles this past Thursday. During the meeting, she spoke about Charlottesville, where one woman was murdered by a white supremacist. Much to everyone’s surprise, Waters classified Ben Carson, an African American man, as a member of the KKK, or a Nazi.

It started out in typical Water’s fashion —  bad-talking President Trump. She stated, “There is so much uncertainty now with this president and with this administration.”

The insinuation was that President Trump and his administration are aligned with the KKK. Waters’ claims this despite President Trump describing the KKK, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists as “repugnant,” according to NPR.

Rep. Waters went on to first target Steven Mnuchin, a member of Trump’s cabinet, and a prominent member of the Jewish community. She expressed her disgust over how Mnuchin stood next to the president during his press conference at Trump Tower.

“The president was defending the white nationalists and the KKK and all of those alt-right groups who were basically out there in Virginia,” stated the representative.

It is almost as if Waters heard a different speech entirely, or is just refusing to acknowledge the fact that the president condemned racism in the most empirical terms possible. That wouldn’t mesh well with her narrative.

President Trump never once supported the neo-Nazis, the KKK, or any other hate groups like BLM or Antifa. In fact, he spoke out against groups that preach hate. There is no way that the message could have been misinterpreted — unless it was willingly done.

Waters went on to say, “But this is what this cabinet looks like, whether we talk about Mnuchin or Ben Carson, who’s over at HUD.” She continued, “If you think reclaiming my time that I did with Mnuchin, you wait ’til Ben Carson comes.” It’s strange that she would bring these two up, right after talking about how Trump was “supporting” the KKK and Nazis.

The comment about “taking back her time,” and her plans for Carson refer to a temper tantrum that Waters unleashed on Mnuchin during a House Financial Services Committee meeting, according to The Blaze.

During the meeting, she kept interrupting Mnuchin like a child and screaming “I’m taking back my time,”  so that he couldn’t speak. According to Waters, she has the same childish plan for Carson.

Waters is apparently living in a false reality where she honestly believes that everyone in the Trump administration is a white supremacist — even the African American HUD Director. How she can hold to these statements, despite the overwhelming evidence that no one in the White House supports racism? The Democrats still eat it up, even though the truth about who is racist in Washington is right under their noses.