ALERT: Maxine Waters Launches Nasty Attack On Trump, She Went Too Far

President Donald Trump and California Democrat Maxine Waters have shared more than a few unkind words with one another. However, Mrs. Waters recently went over-the-line in attacking a member of Trump’s administration.

In a series of tweets, the Democratic Representative tore into Chief of Staff John Kelly, a former Marine general and the father of a fallen Marine. In Waters’ mind, Kelly has tarnished his service by working with the Trump White House. 

One tweet read: “Gen. Kelly, you earned 4 stars & had a successful career. Now you’ve fallen prey to a “moron” in an effort to protect his career. Apologize.”

Another read: “Gen. Kelly has been tainted by Trump lying in the face of facts. Hasn’t he seen the same video of Rep. Wilson that everyone else has seen?”

This last tweet directly concerns General Kelly’s comments about a 2015 dedication ceremony to an FBI building named after two fallen FBI agents.

In Mr. Kelly’s telling, Florida Democrat Frederica Wilson, whom Kelly called an “empty barrel,” made her address to the new building all about herself rather than the two agents who were killed in Miami in 1986.

Wilson represents a portion of the city of Miami, so is undoubtedly aware of the deaths of Agents Jerry Dove and Ben Grogan.

MSNBC claims that Mr. Kelly’s credibility has taken a hit since a video proving that his memory of the 2015 dedication was incorrect.

Not to be outdone, Rep. Wilson has said that Kelly’s remarks have made her a “rock star.” She has also called Kelly and the rest of the White House “white supremacists.”

The Democrats are trying to turn this story, which began negatively for Wilson after she listened in on a conversation between President Trump and a gold star family, into a story about race.

Wilson and MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell have even gone so far as to claim that “empty barrel” is a racist remark.

For his part, President Trump has merely called Rep. Wilson “whacky.”

Both Wilson and Waters are well-known for being boisterous, and, in Waters’s case, being somewhat unhinged. Waters sincerely believes not only that the Kremlin is in complete control of the White House, but that President Trump’s only friends are “white supremacists.”

Another tactic used by the Left was employed by New Yorker writer Brian Fallon, who said that Kelly’s comments amounted to a “military coup.”

Most Americans took Mr. Kelly’s comments to be the earnest words of a father who lost a son in battle and a former commander who has had to perform the unwanted, but necessary, task of informing families that they have lost sons, daughters, husbands, and mothers.

Mr. Kelly’s biggest complaint is that Wilson tarnished something “sacred” by politicizing President Trump’s phone call. Kelly’s words ring especially true now that major media outlets have trampled all over the story with heavy boots.

Rep. Waters has not helped matters, and has indeed inflamed passions further. Her relentless assault on the president and those close to him are counter-intuitive to progress in this country.