Mattis To America: Obama Lied To You – But Now I’m Going To Reveal The Truth…

Former President Barack Obama purposely misled the American people throughout his presidency. Secretary of Defense, James “Mad Dog” Mattis, exposed an Obama lie that was putting a countless number of people at risk for injury — and even death.

The Pentagon announced that there are around 11,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan right now, according to The Daily Caller. As it turns out, the Obama administration was being deceptive with their reports of troop numbers. Mattis’ spokesperson, Dana W. White, made it clear, stating, “This way of doing business is over.” Dana added, “We owe the American people as much transparency as possible.” 

White went on to explain that the Obama administration was being dishonest during their time in control. This deception affected combat readiness overseas, and painted a very different picture from reality. It may not seem immediately apparent, but misreporting troop numbers for political gain is dangerous — not just stupid and dishonest. Underreporting the number of troops on the ground in the Middle East may give terrorists and other anti-American interests the confidence and perceived logistical strength to launch attacks against our troops that they otherwise wouldn’t.

Thousands of troops were never reported as being overseas because of their “temporary status,” which allowed the Obama administration to report some very deceptive numbers without setting off any alarms.

Obama’s outdated policies had other strange and dangerous loopholes. Commanders were forced to take incomplete squads into battle in order to keep their force management caps low, thus endangering the lives of everyone involved. It’s one thing to force our troops to fight with diminished strength by stripping them of their budgets, but it’s another thing entirely to report — publicly and to our enemies, no doubt — that there aren’t strong numbers on the ground in enemy territory.

The reversal of this dangerous Obama-era policy is one of Mattis’ many contributions to our national security. It’ll still be some time before we learn the full scope of Mattis’ intentions for replacing old, ineffective policies, but it’s already clear that he has processes in place to replace bad policies with more efficacious ones of his own.

Obama and company would often use their low troop numbers as a “drawdown strategy” to try and manipulate situations to their liking. This kind of behavior — treating our American soldiers like they are players on a Risk board game and not real people with families at home waiting for them — is coming to an end.

The Pentagon is promising transparency. Did Obama administration misrepresent troop numbers?

White and Joint Staff Director Lt. Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. spoke about some of the changes coming under “Mad Dog” Mattis. The duo will also review the number of soldiers currently serving in Iraq and Syria. It seems as if their stated intention is to suss out accurate troop counts, and report them to the American people.

It would appear as if this is all part of President Trump’s strategy. Revealed on Aug. 21st, the strategy would ensure that the US would remain in Afghanistan. The stated initiative is to battle the Taliban, and drive the number of terrorists down.

Armed with the facts, everyone involved is going to be much more comfortable carrying out President Trump’s plan.