ALERT: “Mad Dog” Mattis Reveals Brutal Truth About Trump

The war against ISIS has been raging for many years, and under the Obama administration, no end was in sight in the fight against the terror organization.

Yet with Trump behind the fight, things have changed. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis revealed recently that Trump’s strategy to root out ISIS has proven incredibly effective because it’s in complete contrast with how Obama handled things. (via Breitbart)

When speaking with reporters at the Pentagon, General “Mad Dog” Mattis was asked how Trump’s strategy to fight ISIS was different from Obama’s methods. Mattis explained that Trump’s strategy was different in four critical ways that have attributed to his success in the fighting.

The first strategy was delegation: cutting out the lengthy bureaucratic processes and putting decisions in the hands of those engaged in the fighting. Mattis says this delegation led to rapid advancement in ground campaigns, saying, “That’s how you exploit or pick up the tempo of operation. He did that in order to do what he said he wanted done, an accelerated campaign.” (via Breitbart)

The second tactic was to completely encircle ISIS forces to prevent them from retreating and regrouping in different areas. By cornering them, Mattis says this makes it hard for the enemy to “get back home again to cause their mayhem.” (via Breitbart)

A third technique was to utilize the financial leverage of more international partners so the U.S. could spend less while accomplishing more. Mattis says this is a huge help as the U.S. is no longer “resource-constrained” in its “efforts to help the people.” (via Breitbart)

The final strategy Trump has utilized in the campaign is to work with more allies and nations to engage ISIS. This refers to the greater utilization of the Global Coalition, a collection of nations that have vowed to eliminate ISIS.

These tactics have drastically improved the war effort leading to the recapturing of Mosul, the primary ISIS stronghold, and resulted in the death of ISIS’s prophetic leader, the Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Liberals are claiming Trump’s strategies are copies of Obama’s initial tactics. However, when you compare Trump’s successes with Obama’s startling failures, the difference is obvious.

Trump’s strategy in the fight against ISIS is completely different than Obama’s. Do you believe Trump is more effective?

Obama’s lax involvement and weak policies led to the rise of ISIS and later the fall of Mosul in 2014, which saw caches of U.S. military weapons and supplies fall into ISIS hands to be used against U.S. forces. For two years Obama worked to see Mosul recaptured, but ultimately failed to do so.

Currently the war against ISIS rages on in Raqqa as ISIS seeks to retain control of the city while Syrian Democratic Forces, backed by the U.S., fight their way in. It seems that with the fall of Mosul, the breach of their defenses at Raqqa, and the death of their Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS is beginning to lose its grip on the war and is slowly being pushed back.

With Mattis’s revelation into how the military is operating under Trump, it is clear just how effective good leadership and a man fit for the office of Commander-In-Chief can accomplish in a short time.