BREAKING: Mattis Drops Puerto Rico Truth Bomb

In the wake of the recent natural disaster in Puerto Rico, many in the media and political sphere are blaming President Trump and his administration for the local logistical inefficiencies that are hampering the relief process.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis let the media know the truth of the situation. In contrast to some claims, there’s no lack of resources at all. The media is lying. The real story is that the Puerto Rican leadership is entirely inept at distributing the resources Trump sends them, according to the Washington Examiner.

“I assure you this is all hands on deck,” said Mattis on Tuesday, adding that there were 10,000 troops and other federal workers on the ground in Puerto Rico and there was no delay by the Pentagon when it came to meeting requests for aid. “There is no delay, when a request comes in it is approved the moment it hits the Pentagon,” he added.

President Trump, who visited Puerto Rico recently, remarked on the low number of deaths so far, in spite of the criticism others have leveled. Many have been quite critical of the administration, with the mayor of San Juan spearheading the political assault.

“You are killing us with the inefficiency,” she said in a tweet regarding how slowly the relief supplies were trickling into the affected zones. However, as details emerge, they are proving that the real source of the problem lies at the local level. Over 9,500 containers filled with relief supplies haven’t been moved since they arrived, literally rotting at the port instead of being delivered.

Various reasons are to blame. According to a previous Christian News Alerts article covering the story, there are a variety of issues plaguing the island. Drivers are not showing up to work to distribute the supplies due to fuel shortages and poor communication signals. Infrastructure obstacles are plaguing the routes used by truck drivers who would normally deliver the much-needed aid.

Aside from that, a diesel crisis is affecting the island as well, which caused relief efforts to grind to a halt. Despite this, the media refuses to cover this side of the story, choosing instead to portray the situation as one of incompetence on a federal level, rather than covering the local inefficiencies that are the source of this problem.

Many members of Congress have bought into this media depiction as well. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) have both been critical of the White House and military’s response to the situation.

The latter said that “the military effort in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands continues to be significantly under-resourced and we are still not responding properly to the logistical needs at hand.”

Mad Dog Mattis says we’ve sent plenty of resources but the Puerto Rican leadership is entirely inept at distributing them. Have we sent sufficient resources?

Smith also said that 10,000 troops were insufficient for the job in comparison to the 60,000 that were mobilized during Hurricane Katrina. He did not mention, however, that Louisiana’s population is several times that of Puerto Rico’s, and that it’s harder to transport large numbers of soldiers overseas in such a quick period.

Mattis responded, saying, “There is no lack of resources, sir, we are ready to go even to the point that it is going to impact the deployments perhaps of some of these troops overseas next year because we have interrupted the preparation. That is okay, when it is helping fellow Americans.”

Regardless of what the Left thinks, the Trump administration is undoubtedly doing the best it can in the face of this natural disaster.