Matt Walsh Reacts to Future Eco-City Plans: ‘I’d Rather Be Dead Than Live in Something Like This’

Right-wing political commentator Matthew Walsh said he would prefer to die rather than live in Saudi Arabia’s planned one-building city, “The Line.”

“I’d rather be dead than live in something like this,” Walsh wrote in a Wednesday post on Twitter, sharing a promotion video for the project in Neom, Tabuk Province.

Extending for around 106 miles, The Line, when completed, would house around 9 million people and run on 100 percent renewable energy, the project’s website stated.

The project would be 658 feet wide and would rise up to approximately 1,640 feet above sea level.

“People’s health and wellbeing will be prioritized over transportation and infrastructure, unlike traditional cities,” the website said.

Those living inside the car-free structure will be able to access whatever they need within a five-minute radius by foot.

Furthermore, a high-speed train will help residents travel longer distances within the project.

The train would only take 20 minutes to journey from one end of the facility to the other, according to the project’s developers.

The builders also promised that the building’s environment would be designed to ensure that residents have a “perfect” climate throughout the year.

“To ensure the establishment of microclimatic spaces, the environment has been carefully designed to allow for an optimal balance of sunlight, shade and natural ventilation,” the developers said.

“Furthermore, the green open spaces throughout the city will further enhance the comfort for those living, working, and visiting here,” the website said.

“At The Line’s launch last year, we committed to a civilizational revolution that puts humans first based on a radical change in urban planning,” Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman said, according to a Monday news release.

“The designs revealed today for the city’s vertically layered communities will challenge the traditional flat, horizontal cities and create a model for nature preservation and enhanced human livability,” Bin Salman said.

The Line is part of three projects the government of Saudi Arabia has planned for Neom — an innovative region near the Red Sea intended to house futuristic urban planning and climate-friendly projects.

Neom, according to its website, is located only a six-hour flight away from 40 percent of the world.

Neom would have its own founding laws, although Saudi Arabia’s ban on alcohol would apply to the project, The Guardian reported.

“Neom will be a place for all people from across the globe to make their mark on the world in creative and innovative ways. Neom remains one of the most important projects of Saudi Vision 2030, and our commitment to delivering The Line on behalf of the nation remains resolute,” Bin Salman said, according to the news release.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.