Martha’s Vineyard Declares ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ Over 50 Immigrants, Ted Cruz Responded Perfectly

When just 50 illegal aliens showed up on the doorstep of the ultra-rich left-wingers at tony Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts this week, it was deemed a “humanitarian crisis.”

But Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz had the perfect response to the shrill declaration of a “crisis” at the playground of the rich and powerful.

On Wednesday, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis sent two planeloads of illegal aliens from Venezuela to the affluent island of Martha’s Vineyard, which has styled itself as a “sanctuary destination,” according to The Associated Press.

Once the illegals arrived in the liberal enclave, local activists flew into a tizzy.

On Thursday morning, Heather Arpin, public information officer for the Dukes County Emergency Management Association, sent out an update on the island’s “humanitarian response.”

The Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce shared the news release on Twitter, saying, “To our Island community, here is an update on current humanitarian crisis on Martha’s Vineyard.”

But Cruz quickly clapped back at the proclamation of a “crisis” with a perfectly worded retort.

“If 50 constitutes a humanitarian crisis in Martha’s Vineyard, what the hell is 4.2 MILLION?” he tweeted.

In a follow-up tweet, the senator said that is the number of illegal immigrants who have “flooded small towns in Texas.”

Cruz highlighted the left’s hypocrisy even further by noting that 15,000 illegal immigrants crossed into Del Rio, Texas, in a single day, while Martha’s Vineyard went into “crisis” mode over 50 of them.

All this wailing and gnashing of teeth from a community that has prided itself on being a “sanctuary” for illegals is quite a spectacle.

As soon as the 50 Venezuelans touched down on the Massachusetts island, conservatives on social media began to highlight a trend of the last few years among wealthy liberals across the nation, including on Martha’s Vineyard: posting signs in front of their high-dollar homes that welcomed illegals.

Many noted that it was easy for the ultra-rich inhabitants of the island to post these signs when they were sure no illegal immigrants would be coming.

Meanwhile, there was no word from Martha’s Vineyard resident and former President Barack Obama if he was prepared to take a few illegals into his multimillion-dollar home. After all, Obama could fit quite a few in his 10-bedroom mansion.

But Cruz wasn’t done. It turned out that after only 24 hours, the all-caring, all-loving, all-welcoming residents of Martha’s Vineyard had shipped all 50 illegals right out of their community.

“I thought Martha’s Vineyard was a ‘sanctuary city’?” he tweeted Friday morning. “I thought they declared themselves a ‘haven’ for illegal immigrants??”

“Just 50 arrive, and the socialist billionaires send them away—to a military base, no less—in JUST 24 hours.”

And they did so on buses with an electronic sign that said, “Have a nice day,” no less!

What could be more hypocritical?

It just goes to show that wealthy liberals don’t really want illegal immigrants among them no matter how welcoming they claim to be.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.