WATCH: Mark Steyn Exposes Massive Democrat Collusion Scandal – What Should Happen?

As the hypocrisy of the Democrats continues to mount in their quest to find genuine evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia, one respected conservative author is claiming the true collusion scandal lies with the Democrats.

Conservative Canadian-American author Mark Steyn said in regard to the scandal involving the fraudulent Awan family working underneath Democrats as IT staffers: “it’s about everything that the Democrats and media spent months…trying to prove [with] the Russia investigation. We have actual criminal elements. Everything they’ve been looking for is…staring them in the face with this mysterious guy.” Steyn asked how “one guy from Pakistan” along with members of his family could end up being computer service-providers for dozens of Democratic members of Congress. (via Fox News)

Revelations surfaced a few weeks ago regarding a Pakistani family that was collecting salaries as IT administrators for U.S. House Democrats while being involved in a series of bizarre schemes. The family was engaged in extortion, tax, bankruptcy, and insurance fraud in a massive effort to funnel over $4 million dollars overseas.

Imran Awan, one of the IT staffers who worked under Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla), was arrested at Dulles Airport yesterday and was found to have a smashed hard drive in his possession. Shockingly enough, Schultz kept Awan on her payroll until yesterday, attempting to sabotage the investigation into him, and threatened Capitol Police after they seized a laptop.

In a recorded video, Schultz threatens police chief Matthew R. Verderosa and demands he return evidence obtained during the criminal investigation, saying, “I think you’re violating the rules when you conduct your business that way and you should expect that there will be consequences.” (via Youtube)

“Everything they’ve looked for and failed to find in the Russia investigation is, in fact, going on under their noses in this particular story,” said Steyn to Tucker Carlson in an interview. “We have computer interference…a powerful political figure attempting to interfere with a federal investigation. We have actual criminal elements; this guy was arrested trying to flee the country. We have interference from foreign politicians, given $100,000 by a prominent Iraqi politician. In other words, everything that they have been looking for in the Russia investigation and failed to find is actually staring them in the face.” (via Fox News)

Mark Steyn believes the real collusion story is between the DNC and the Awan family. Do you agree?

Steyn continued, mentioning how peculiar it is that a Pakistani family would end up working as IT administrators for many powerful Democrats. He also suggested that the simplest reason explaining why Schultz continued to employ Awan, despite the rest of her Democrat colleagues getting rid of his family as employees in February, “was because she was additionally the head of the DNC; he had too much on her.” (via Fox News)

He added that special prosecutor Mueller could wrap up the entire affair in the next 48 hours if he wanted to.

If the media were truly interested in a collusion story about corruption on a massive scale, they don’t need to look any further than this case. Reporting a true story would increase ratings and the public image of the mainstream media rather than continuing to throttle the already skeptical public about a non-existent Trump-Russia connection.