BREAKING: Mark Cuban Drops Trump Truth Bomb, It’s Massive

Billionaire¬†businessman and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is known for being an outspoken Independent who initially supported President Trump. He recently had an interview on Fox News’ “Objectified” where he commented on President Trump’s fanbase.

Cuban spoke candidly about President Trump and the loyalty of his supporters. According to The Washington Examiner, he told Fox News that “President Trump has a great following and they’re not going to turn on him.” His point acknowledges that President Trump’s supporters have solid reasons for doing so, and he hasn’t let them down thus far.

While Cuban initially supported Trump, he ended up backing away because he believed that the President was ill-informed on the issues plaguing Americans. He stated as much during his interview.

“I was really concerned about a candidate becoming president that was not making the effort to learn the issues,” he said. Although President Trump’s widespread support from average Americans suggests he was, in fact, well-versed on the important issues, that didn’t appear to be enough to convince Cuban.

Supporters of President Trump think he’s been doing a fantastic job learning and addressing the issues. One poll found that approximately 82 percent of admitted Trump voters would vote for him again. This wouldn’t be the case if President Trump hadn’t “learned the issues.” He was elected because he promised to improve the lives of Americans, whereas former-President Barack Obama had not.

President Trump’s campaign centered on a goal to “Make America Great Again.” He has said that a considerable section of the country was left forgotten, and his goal was to make their opinions relevant again.

Cuban stated that if he makes a presidential run in 2020, as he has hinted, he will run as a Republican. This move would place him head-to-head with President Trump, and it wouldn’t end well for him.

There is a possibility that this is why former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has been talking to Cuban about running as a Democrat in the 2020 race, which was also reported by Washington Examiner.

“They talk regularly,” Sam Nunberg, a former Trump campaign political adviser, said. “They’re very similar. They have a lot of synergy there. Even when [Steve] went to work for Trump, Mark would be interviewed and say nice things about Steve.”

Cuban denied that he ever spoke with Bannon about running as a Democrat. These conflicting stories raise many questions and will undoubtedly lead up to some interesting conversations if Cuban decides to run in 2020.

Mark Cuban believes Trump supporters will continue supporting him. Do you agree?

Despite Cuban changing his mind on supporting President Trump, at least he realizes that the President’s supporters are relentless and have good reasons. He may not see President Trump as “learning the issues,” but that apparently is not the case with voters.

The President has vowed to work on health care, tax reform, immigration and border policy, jobs, and financial growth in the United States as a whole. President Trump is committed to push the country forward and improve Americans’ lives. Perhaps Cuban is the one who hasn’t learned the issues.