This 1 Map Proves That Trump Will Destroy The Democrats

The Democrats love telling everyone that they are the dominant party, despite the truth presented by facts. A newly-released map is going to have them backtracking and trying to figure out what went wrong.

As reported by Independent Journal Review, the new map shows that Democrats only control 7% of the land in the United States. There is little doubt that the Democrats are essentially just coastal elites, while the rest of the country is anchored in true American values. Even worse for them, they are losing ground as every day passes.

The Democrats have been openly claiming that they are going to steal back all of their lost seats in 2018 because of the inability to get anything done in Congress. They seem to have forgotten that they are more responsible for not getting anything done than the GOP.

Despite their tightly held beliefs, the map of the country is solid evidence that the Democrats have lost more positions than ever before. In fact, they have been in a speedy free-fall since the election in November.

Starting back when Barack Obama faced his first midterm election, local seats have been falling off the Democrat map. In fact, over 1,000 seats have been lost on a national level by the Democrats since 2008.

The loss of 1,000 seats includes the US Senate, US House, and state chambers countrywide. Also, the governor of West Virginia recently changed parties, which now puts the Democrats at a record-low number for governorships in the country.

A piece by The Washington Examiner pointed out that, right now, nearly 50% of the country lives in a state that is 100% controlled by the GOP. The 26 states that make up this percentage include Nebraska, which many people claim has a nonpartisan legislature.

On that same note, Democrats have control of six whole states as well as the District of Columbia. In other words, they can control around 17% of the country without Republican interference.

The facts are indisputable. The American people have rejected the Democrat Party. Their message is all but nonexistent, and the average, everyday American sees this simple truth.

The Washington Times published a piece about why this is happening. It boils down to one simple factor: the Democrats believe that the character of the average American is flawed. Their one solution for this “issue” in our country: government.

For example, when Hillary Clinton lost the election, she never once blamed herself. She claimed factors such as the actions of James Comey, Russian interference, misogynistic attacks, and so on. She did not at all attribute her loss to the fact that Americans did not care for her platform or plan for the country. However, it seems clear that people didn’t find her fit to be president of the United States.

The reason Democrats only control around 7 percent of the land mass is no fault of conservatives; it is something Democrats did to themselves. When you tell a group of people they are fundamentally flawed and you can fix them, especially when they know they are fine, you are not going to be well-received.

In 2018 there is likely going to be a greater shift to the Right. It will be interesting to watch on and see what happens.