BREAKING: Man Caught Stalking GOP Senator Issues CHILLING Warning

Last month, GOP congressmen were targeted by a gunman — who, incidentally, supported Bernie Sanders — while practicing for a charity baseball game. The gunman was killed, but Representative  Steve Scalise (R-LA) was critically injured.

While protesters were outside of the office of Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) on Thursday morning, one protester gave a chilling warning to the senator’s staffers, saying liberals are going to “solve the Republican problem” with “better aim”. He referenced the Scalise shooting when he said it. (via The Washington Examiner)

This all occurred at Senator Flake’s Tucson office, where a group of liberals gathered to oppose the newly proposed GOP healthcare bill. They stormed into his conference room and office lobby to confront the senator over the bill and demand he vote against it. The protesters declared they weren’t going to leave until Flake promised he would vote against the healthcare bill.

Law enforcement was called after one of the protesters, a 59-year old man named Mark Prichard, issued this threat to one of Senator Flake’s staff: “You know how liberals are going to solve the Republican problem? They are going to get better aim. That last guy tried, but he needed better aim. We will get better aim.”

He was most likely referring to the Virginia shooting in June, when James Hodgkinson, reportedly upset over Trump winning the election, took aim and fired at Republican congressmen who were practicing for a baseball game — he injured four people. Rep. Scalise was the most critically injured and remains in serious condition due to an infection.

As law enforcement arrived to escort the protesters from the building, several started chanting, “I’d rather go to jail than to die without Medicaid.” Police were forced to remove the protesters from the building and the doors were locked. Protesters were informed they would be arrested if they attempted to enter the premises again.

Mark Prichard was among those arrested for trying to reenter the property.

Twelve people have been arrested in the last two days for protesting outside of Senator Flake’s offices in Phoenix and Tucson. The increase in hostility is part of a major push back from liberals over the recent healthcare bill proposed by the GOP-controlled House and Senate in an attempt to repeal Obamacare.

Threats against Republicans in Tucson is not new. In May, a man was arrested after making three threatening phone calls to Congresswoman Martha McSally (R-AZ) for her vote to support President Trump. Among other things, the man is quoted as saying, “our sights are set on you, right between your ***** eyes,” and “Can’t wait to ***** pull the trigger…,” and “Your days are numbered.”

As Trump and Republicans make progress to repeal Obamacare and unwind the damage caused by the last president, liberals are starting to get anxious. Their anxiety is being fanned by the mainstream media producing fake news, and Democrat leaders espousing anger and promoting a resistance movement that puts Republicans in danger.

How long before some of these liberals expand their hostilities from Republican leaders to include those who voted for Trump or support his agenda? Will conservatives find themselves within their “sights”? And who’s to say how long before angered liberals will get “better aim” to solve their problems?

It seems that the “resistance” to conservatism is — in some instances — becoming a violent one.