SEE IT: Man Snaps Photo Of NYC In 1956…Liberals Now Furious What It Caught

Things were a lot different 60 years ago. For one, public displays of Christianity were something that, regardless of your political affiliation, could be appreciated and admired by all. This is not the case anymore.

A picture has surfaced of the New York City skyline back in 1956, which shows three buildings decorated with window crosses for Easter. Featured in a newspaper article which shows the buildings lit up with huge crosses, it’s a sight that would leave any liberal in 2017 absolutely furious, with more details reported by Snopes.

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Whoever took this photo probably would never have guessed that over 60 years later, this country would have morphed into a society that would erase any display of Christian faith from the public square under the guise of tolerance, multiculturalism, and secularism.

Even our holidays, which have been a tradition in this country for generations, are under threat. No longer is it appropriate to say “Merry Christmas.” We are supposed to say “Happy Holidays” to be respectful of other spiritual faiths. Of course, this is less about being multicultural and more about being anti-Christian and anti-tradition.

This picture shows a world that makes progressive-secularists furious. It was a world where free speech actually included freedom for Christians to express their faith, without fear of censorship, mockery, or even lawsuits being leveled against them.

Frankly, these 60 years have seen the slow and steady erosion of Christianity, a foundational pillar this nation was built upon, from our country. This decline, having accelerated even more under President Obama’s administration, has left Christians little to look forward to from government. That is, until Donald Trump took back the White House.

Thankfully, it’s not too late to see such a sight return to the skylines of our cities. Christians all across the country are beginning to see a return to “freedom of religion” in the culture war, rather than the Progressive pogrom of “freedom from religion.”

In the godless ideology of Progressivism, government is the Alpha and the Omega. Progressives need government to be the ultimate authority, the entity from which rights are granted. This is how they control populations and how they bring societies to their will.

Called by many experts a “spiritual awakening,” and not seen in over 100 years, the Trump administration has been packed with more Christians than perhaps any other administration in history, according to a story reported by Christian News Alerts last month. With routine Bible studies in the White House, and many of the key cabinet members joining in on the meetings, Christians around the nation can be assured that our leadership is, once again, on the right track.

The Left has pushed our society AWAY from religious expression. Should Christians feel empowered to freely express their beliefs and be supported by the Trump administration?

With other landmark rulings coming from the Supreme Court favoring churches and Christian causes in recent months, there may very well come a time when such a sight as this cross display may be seen again in US cities.

Regardless, seeing pictures like these can’t help but make us a little nostalgic for the days when our nation was culturally and spiritually unified, as it was meant to be.

Hopefully, such nostalgia might just become reality once more.