WATCH: Man Flees N. Korea, Immediately Issues Dire Warning To Trump

North Korea has threatened to do harm to the United States for many years. It was only this summer when things started to escalate, as multiple missiles were test-fired over Japan, and into the surrounding ocean.

Fox News Insider recently conducted an interview with Kim Yeomyong, a man who defected from North Korea just two years ago. Yeomyong had a powerful message to deliver about the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un. “He’s very dangerous,” Yeomyong stated. “He is smarter and stronger than you think.” The Korean defector went on to explain that cutting Kim off from all foreign money is going to be the only way to stop him, according to Fox News Insider.

Yeomyong originally defected from North Korea via the South Korean embassy in Beijing while he was on a business trip. He explained that his preconceived notions about Kim were shattered shortly thereafter.

He stated that Kim is currently in a state of mind where he is power hungry, and wants to live with power and authority over his land. The state of the people in Kim’s country demonstrates that he doesn’t care much for them, but rather, wants total control and power over them.

During the interview, Yeomyong speculated as to what needs to happen in order to stop Kim’s rise to power, the missile strikes, and his provocations. It is going to be a worldwide joint effort, to say the least.

“If the international community wants to stop watching North Korea’s provocations of nuclear weapons and missiles, they need to completely stop foreign money going into North Korea,” Yeomyong stated in his native tongue. He continued, “If they can’t do that, North Korea will be there forever.”

President Trump’s tweet Friday shows that he is getting tired of waiting for the North Korean leader to stop provoking not only the United States, but the rest of the world. The tweet reads, “Kim Jong Un of North Korea, who is obviously a madman who doesn’t mind starving or killing his people, will be tested like never before!”

This news comes following President Trump’s latest executive order, which was signed into law on Thursday. The law seeks to crack down on individuals, companies, and financial institutions that deal with North Korea, according to Fox News.

Trump has expressed that he believes that North Korea’s nuclear program poses a “grave threat” to the United  States — and the rest of the world. During his first speech to the United Nations, he threatened to “completely destroy” the dictator-run country if they do not stop provoking other nationstates.

The new order puts nations on watch. Anyone who deals with North Korea financially is on alert. China quickly fell in line with the order.

The Chinese central bank agreed to stop doing business with people who have accounts in North Korea. They went on to say that any North Korean customers who have loans will start doing business elsewhere.

The only way we will be able to stop North Korea once and for all is if we financially starve them into submission. If no one is willing to give them resources, money, or help, they will not have a choice but to back off, as noted by Yeomyong.