Man Buys Hurricane Supplies Online, Shocked To See What’s Hidden In The Box

Natural disasters have a way of making people come closer together, even despite the devastation and destruction they cause. It forces Americans, who may have been divided across political or racial ties, to come together and help out those in need – no matter how small or paltry their contributions may first seem.

In one heartwarming case, after purchasing a box of hurricane supplies online, Brian Humphreys found that there was a handwritten card from the employees of K-mart, which read “Just thought it might cheer you to know that someone’s been thinking of you…,” according to his Facebook post.

Brian Humphreys, a young man based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, decided to get prepared for the impending storm by buying some hurricane supplies online, rather than trying to beat the lines at stores near his residence. However, he was surprised to find something extra in his shipment that he didn’t ask for nor did he expect.

Inside was a handwritten card from the employees of the Kmart that shipped his order. Humphreys wrote, “I ordered some hurricane supplies from Kmart online. When the box arrived I found this card inside from the employees at the Kmart in Hillsboro Ohio.”

“There really are some awesome people in the world. I’ll be paying it forward and donating to and keep the card to always remember that there are really good people out there,” he said.

“Just thought it might cheer you to know that someone’s been thinking of you…” read the card, with the word “Floridians” handwritten below the printed message. Even more surprising, however, was $25 that fell out of the card, along with the second message that read “And wishing you Floridians brighter, better tomorrows. From 4 employees from Kmart in Hillsboro, Ohio. P.S. We wish it was more!”

The story was so surprising and heartwarming that Humphreys posted this story on social media, and eventually, the story became a viral hit – a demonstration of the goodness and kindness complete strangers can do for one another.

Just prior to these hurricanes, the country was more divided than ever with mounting, deep political and racial tensions. With the Charlottesville, Virginia clashes still on people’s minds, these two hurricanes may very well have been a blessing in disguise.

It may be hard to look at such catastrophic natural disasters as having a silver lining, but God works in mysterious ways. What’s undeniable, however, is that people from across the country put aside their differences to help in whatever way they could offer.

It’s not the only story of kindness to have emerged from the disasters either. There are countless stories of strangers banding together to help others in need, and amidst the ugliness of the world that the media likes to portray, it’s cases like these that help restore one’s faith in humanity.

For example, a 5-year-old Houston native in Philadelphia opened a lemonade stand that didn’t accept any payments but only asked for donations to raise money for Harvey flood victims.

On that topic, the next time you have a chance to donate, pay for someone ahead in line, or help someone in need – you’re not only lighting up their day, but you’re also proving that there’s still hope in the world.