Majority of US voters support Florida parents’ rights bill

A majority of U.S. voters don’t think schools should be allowed to teach kindergarteners through third-graders about sexual orientation and gender identity, even when legislation to ban such was misnamed by pollsters as the “don’t say gay” law.

The Politico/Morning Consult poll conducted from March 11-14 found that 51% of respondents agreed with the Florida law that seeks to ban such teaching to youngsters while only 35% disagreed.

When asked whether lessons about these topics after third grade should be age-appropriate, 52% agreed and only 33% disagreed.

The Tampa Free Press noted that the Politico poll explicitly referred to the bill as the “don’t say gay” law, which Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has fiercely argued is a misnomer in an attempt to make the law look bad.

Be honest

In a previous poll conducted by The Daily Wire that did not use such derogatory language but just read the law’s language verbatim to people, 64% supported the bill and only 21% opposed it.

The Daily Wire’s poll had 32% Republicans and noted that large majorities in both parties and a variety of minority groups were favored the bill when they heard its actual language.

The Free Press reported the breakdown of those who supported the bill in this way:

  • 69 percent of Republicans
  • 62 percent of Democrats
  • 57 percent of Independents
  • 63 percent of whites
  • 66 percent of blacks
  • 62 percent of Hispanics
  • 68 percent of parents   

These are huge numbers, and they show that there is not much support for teaching young children about sexual orientation and gender identity across the country.

DeSantis exposes lies

DeSantis has defended the bill and plans to sign it if it passes the legislature.

He argued that the bill does not ban the word “gay” from being used in schools and does not prevent students from coming forward and requesting counseling on matters of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools.

There is no good reason for teaching students between 5-7 years old about these subjects, and most people in this country still understand this.

Those that don’t are firmly in the minority, no matter how many lies Democrats and the LGBT community try to tell about the issue.